Easiest Provinces for Canada PR

Are you immigrating to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program? Do you want to know the easiest provinces for Canada PR? Canada’s PNP program is the second pathway after Express Entry to apply for permanent residency.

It was established for skilled workers who have skills, education, and work experience to boost the economy of a specific province or territory. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, each with its own stream and criteria.

If you want to know about the Easiest Province in Canada to get PR. This blog can inform you about all the details you need to know to immigrate to the province.

Names of the Canadian Provinces

Canada is a country in North America divided into regions called provinces or territories. The names of the provinces are;

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • New Foundland and labour

Benefits of Canada PNP

Each province offers different facilities to international individuals. However, here are the advantages of the Canada PNP:

➢    Live in Canada for an indefinite period of time
➢    Get nominated directly by the provincial or territory Government
➢    Education, Social Security Services, and Healthcare benefits
➢    Eligible for Canadian citizenship after five years
➢    Apply with a low CRS score
➢    Quickly obtain 600 CRS for application

Eligibility for Provincial Nominee Program

The eligibility for PNP can vary depending on the specific province or territory you are applying to, as each has its own criteria. However, there are some common eligibility factors that many PNPs may consider.

  • Education
  • Linguistic Skills
  • Work experience
  • Proof of documents
  • Job offer
  • Adaptability
Top 5 Easiest Provinces for Canada PR
  1. AlbertaTo apply for Canada PR in Alberta is comparatively easy as it doesn’t have any specific jobs or occupation lists. Applying for PR in Alberta is a great opportunity for young and skilled workers from different backgrounds. Individuals or freshers without a degree or diploma can apply without work experience.This is one of the most popular and easiest provinces that offers a lower cost of living than any other Canadian province. It also welcomes candidates with a CRS score of 300+ in the Express Entry.
  2. SaskatchewanSaskatchewan province offers various programs and benefits that make it an attractive destination for those who are looking to live and work in the country. It is also a great choice for foreign students seeking permanent residency in Canada.It allocates additional CRS scores to candidates who have family or relatives staying in Saskatchewan. This province invites applicants through Express Entry and occupation-in-demand.
  3. OntarioIf you wish to study abroad, Ontario is the best Canada province for international students. It is also a hub for the information and technology industries. Individuals from IT backgrounds can receive good job offers and build sustainable careers in Ontario.
  4. Prince Edward IslandThere are plenty of reasons why Prince Edward Island is the easiest province for Canada’s PR. The cost of living on the island is low compared to other provinces. Students seeking the best universities can choose this island, as it offers a wide range of programs and courses.
  5. Nova ScotiaNova Scotia is situated on the east coast of Canada. It is blessed with natural beauty, beaches, and forests. Nova Scotia’s Labour Marker Priorities selects candidates directly from the Express Entry pool. Since this stream often invites candidates without a connection to the province, it is considered one of the easiest PNPs for overseas applicants to obtain PR.


Canada is seeking skilled foreigners to immigrate to the country and contribute to the economy of Canada by filling the gap in the labour market. One of the most popular PR visa categories for skilled workers is the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

The provinces mentioned in the blog are the Easiest Provinces for Canada PR. Each province has its own benefits; the best one for you depends on your specific circumstances and goals.

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