Part Time Jobs in Canada

No doubt, Canada is a wise choice for many overseas students looking for professional opportunities. Working in Canada is the first step for people who want to immigrate there permanently. There are many part-time jobs in Canada for Indian and international students because graduates from Canada’s best universities are in high demand.

There are many well-paying part-time jobs accessible that you may accomplish during your evenings, weekends, and school breaks, regardless of what sort of successful genius you want to be—a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.

We’ve done the research, examined the job boards, and compared the compensation to make a checklist of the best-paying part-time jobs in Canada for foreign students.

The blog goes into detail about how to search for and land a part-time job in Canada for overseas students.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada

Students opt to work part-time jobs to expand their skill sets and obtain vital work experience, in addition to helping to sustain them financially. Let’s first examine the advantages of part-time employment in Canada.

  • Financial support: The main advantage of working part-time is that it gives overseas students extra money to pay for their living expenses and other educational fees.
  • Improve language proficiency: By regularly interacting with native speakers while working in an English-speaking nation like Canada, international students can improve their language proficiency.
  • Work experience: Employers frequently appreciate applicants with local job experience and a thorough understanding of the Canadian work environment, thus working in Canada can be a worthwhile experience for your future.
  • Skills development: Students who perform part-time employment gain useful abilities including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management that subsequently aid them in a variety of professional contexts.
  • Adaptability: International students can acquire adaptability, which is one of the important skills in the fast-paced, globally integrated world of today.
  • Time management: Balancing part-time employment and academic obligations helps students develop good task prioritization and organization abilities.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Part Time Jobs in Canada

Only those international students who meet the following eligibility requirements and are enrolled in academic programs in Canada are permitted to work part-time jobs in Canada:

  1. Valid study permit: A valid study permit is a crucial document to have if you plan to work on or off campus while you are a student in Canada.
  2. Full-time enrollment: Applicants for part-time positions must be full-time students enrolled in a Recognized Learning Institution (DLI).
  3. Adequate academic advancement: As per the demands of their educational institution, students must continue to make satisfactory academic development.
  4. Working time restrictions: Foreign students should adhere to Canada’s acceptable working time restrictions, which are 20 hours per week off-campus during normal classes and 40 hours per week during scheduled breaks.
  5. Social Insurance Number (SIN): Another requirement for international students who wish to work legally in Canada is that they possess a valid Social Insurance Number.
  6. Linguistic ability: In Canada, part-time work call for competence in either English or French. During the interview process, employers may request IELTS, TOEFL, or TEF test results or evaluate language abilities.

Highest paying part time jobs in Canada

In Canada, the minimum salary for students is approximately CA$13 (it changes from province to province). The most common part-time occupations frequently pay close to the minimum wages, we’ve made an effort to locate ones that do.

  • Server/bartender (on an average CA$13 per hour)
  • Sales Assistant (average hourly rate, CA $14)
  • Barista (Average Hourly Rate: CA $14)
  • Dog walker (average hourly rate of CA$15)
  • Tutor(On average, CA$16 per hour)
  • Driver for ride-sharing services or a delivery service (average hourly rate: CA$19)

We hope this blog has been instructive and helpful to you! There are lots of alternatives if you’re looking for part-time job in Canada. If you know what type of work would suit you best, you can choose where you want your career to go more wisely!

The Candidate has the option of either moving to Canada first, then seeking work, or first looking for work online, and then moving to Canada.  Please be aware that applying for a powerful position in a firm and looking for a job may be a daunting process for immigrants; it is, therefore, best advised that you should seek expert advice so that you can be directed toward the job profile that best suits you.

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