How Much Money is Enough to Move to Canada?

Individuals who are interested in obtaining permanent residency in Canada certainly want to know how much money is enough to move to Canada.

Canada is one of the most popular countries to work and live in. It is rated very high for quality of life, well-developed education system, and access to healthcare. Canada is the preferred destination for millions of individuals searching for a new life abroad.

Moving to another country can be intimidating with a heap of financial commitment. To immigrate to the Maple Leaf Nation, you must meet some requirements for your application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR

When you wish to obtain the Canada PR, make sure to check the eligibility standards, if you meet the requirements, then you can apply for Canada PR.

● You must be 18 or above
● Education Credential Assessment should be equivalent to the Canadian education system
● Meet the level of English language proficiency
● Obtain 67 points in Canada points calculator
● Prove that you have sufficient amount of money to support yourself in Canada

Cost of Immigrating to Canada

Before moving to Canada, you have to keep in mind that the cost of living may vary depending on where you live in Canada.

Canada has ten different Provinces and three territories. The cost of a Canada PR visa for each province depends on the route you have chosen. Once you select the province you wish to immigrate to, you can proceed with the application for Canada PR.

Here is a certain guidance on how much money is enough to move to Canada. First, you must have proof of enough funds that signifies you can cover your living expenses for at least six months.

The costs of a Canadian visa application depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. The visas are divided into three categories;

● Visitor visas
● Temporary resident visas
● Permanent resident visas

Total Cost for Canadian Permanent Residency

The cost to move to Canada is calculated on the basis of chosen programs and the number of family members who will be migrating.

The section mentioned below will direct you to the Canada visa fee. So, international individuals can make smart decisions related to their immigration plans.

Funds required for Express Entry Creation

To create an Express Entry profile, you need two key documents and must pay fees for both these indentures.
➢ Educational Credential Assessment
➢ IELTS test result

Educational Credential Assessment

Before immigrating to Canada, make sure you collect all the educational certificates through any recognized country.

Several IRCC-authorized organizations provide you with ECA. However, the work done by these associations is the same, the difference lies between the time taken and the fee charged.

IELTS exam fee

IELTS is one of the most important exams that display your linguistic skills to relocate to your dream country.

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are the four linguistic proficiencies being tested in this exam. You must first register and pay the fees to appear for the exam.

Fund for Canada PR

You must pay the right to permanent resident fee online to obtain a Canada PR. If it gets accepted

By paying to permanent resident fee  (RPRF) cost, Foreigner individuals become Canadian permanent residents and thus allow them to utilize social benefits, including health insurance, free education, and so on.

International citizens are eligible to seek Canadian citizenship as well as they can work anywhere in Canada.


Compared to other countries, Canada has a magnificent public healthcare system, low crime rates, and an astonishing quality of life.

The immigration process can be slightly complicated, but not after if you consult with trustworthy immigration experts. They will help you with your queries like how much money is enough to move to Canada.

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