CRS Score In Express Entry System

Top 3 Ways to Increase Your CRS Score In Express Entry System

Are you still waiting for your ITA in Federal Express Entry System?

The reason for not getting ITA (invitation to apply) for a longer period is, you need to score bit higher CRS points to get selected by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). But the question remains same for every applicant who is waiting for long. “How to increase your CRS Score?” Canada immigration authority works on point based system. The points are calculated as per the skills of the applicants including the core factor i.e. age, work experience, English or French language proficiency, qualification, PNP nomination, employment offer etc. So if you have low CRS score and finding the solution to increase, we are here to help you in 3 best ways to improve you total CRS score!!

1. Apply through PNP (Provincial Nomination Program)

If you have low immigration score you can approach Canada PNP Nomination program for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. You will get Canada PR for particular province of Canada. The Canada immigration authority allocate special reserved quota to every province of Canada. On the bases of this every province can nominate the highly skilled and talented people from overseas.

Various Provinces of Canada PNP are listed below:

a. Alberta PNP

b. British Columbia PNP

c. Manitoba PNP

d. New Brunswick PNP

e. Nova Scotia PNP

f. Ontario PNP

g. Prince Edward Island PNP

h. Quebec PNP

i. Saskatchewan PNP

Every province of Canada has a provincial nominee program by which it invites applicants as per the eligibility and requirement to apply for Canada PR. You can also apply for Express Entry pool while applying for Provincial nominee program simultaneously. If you have applied for express entry program and got nomination from particular province of Canada, you will get additional 600 points for provincial nomination through Express Entry.

2. Increase Points though Language Proficiency

Thinking how to increase your English proficiency score if you have already good IELTS bands? If you current immigration points are not letting you to get invitation, you can enhance your immigration points by scoring more English proficiency score under following factors

a. You can get additional points by scoring more bands in IELTS.

b. You can give details of your Spouse IELTS score to get additional points.

c. Learn the French language, as the proficiency in French language can also helps you to get additional bonus points.

3. Get employment offer letter

Although getting employment offer letter is not compulsory to get Canada PR, but if you can obtain employment offer letter from Canada, you will be awarded with additional 200 CRS points based on the same. Therefore the additional of 200 points will defiantly, increases your total CRS score and ensure you get ITA to apply for Canada PR from IRCC.

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