Australia is known to attract tons of skilled aspirants from across the country, especially those who want to get world class opportunities in various spheres. It is of no doubt that it is one of the best immigration destinations to permanently relocate and settle within the country. With every third person is in need to live and take pleasure of country for quality living standard.

Besides this, Australia has become a hub of skilled and well deserved professionals to make the country developed and progressive by exploring unique skills. It is being known as the land of opportunities where thousands of aspiring candidates desire to get the outstanding experience concerning with education, employment, higher perks, health services and other benefits.

The Oz country is thus placed at the top in all aspects. Have you ever planned for Australia PR visa from India in 2020? The country of Australia welcomes several new entrants in large numbers to come and reside on a permanent basis. Therefore, in order to maximize your immigration chances, you are required to look upon various facile factors that taken into consideration before permitting for permanent residency visa by Australia Government.

Here is how you can well prepare your file for Australia immigration to the best suitable PR programs offered by Australia.

Preparing file for best Australia visa programs

The immigration department of Australia has set up various programs for aspirants who seek out for permanent residency options. As there are several immigration pathways for Australia PR process. Although, you need to ensure that in which visa category you have higher chances to immigrate.

Different Australia visa categories are General Skilled Programs, Family Sponsorship program and Business Investor programs.

The Australia General Skilled programs are further classifieds into three Subclass visa as Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Visa 190 and Skilled work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 491. Aspiring candidates are required to gain 5 points from the nominated state under Subclass 190 visa and for Regional Subclass 491 visa, you can avail 15 points by getting a sponsorship from eligible relative or by nomination from any designated regional area or territory of Australia.

Check your points using Australia PR points Calculator!

The Regional Subclass 491 visa has come into force from 16th November 2019 and with the introduction of this visa, 15 additional points are given on the part of your partner qualifications. These points are assigned as the following:

  • 10 points: If your partner is aged under 45 years and competent English and is an applicant of same subclass as yours and your partner is nominated a suitable skilled occupation with positive skill assessment.
  • 10 points: If you are single or your partner is an Australia permanent residents or Australia Citizen.
  • 5 points: If your partner has competent English and is an applicant of same subclass as yours and your partner is not an Australia Permanent resident or an Australia citizen.

On the other hand, the Family visa includes Australia Partner Migration, Australia child Migration and Australia Parent Migration.

Under the Skilled Migration Visa, you need to check your occupation in the relevant Australia Occupational Demand list to see whether or not your occupation is on the list. This is the first step towards attaining an Australia PR process. The next step involves taking IELTS or PTE exams to check for language proficiency. A positive skill assessment is needed to proceed further for Australia PR visa.

Submit an Expression of Interest through online skillselect in which you are required to score a minimum 65 immigration points out of 100 by considering some factors like age, education, skilled work experience, IELTS test scores, and other factors.

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