Welcome to Alberta – A wild Rose Country

In 2019, the Albert Express Entry Stream rendered 6,884 invitations, and on June 17th 2020 Alberta PNP draw invited Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 303.

The province of Alberta has a breathtaking beauty and a great downtown scene. From the lakes and mountains to dinosaur’s museum, to modern cities Alberta crams a lot into its borders.

Whichever season you choose to apply PR for Alberta you’ll find an awe-inspiring place waiting with open arms to welcome you.

Popularly known as Canada’s energy province, Alberta is home to over 4 million people and growing quickly. The majority of this population leaves predominately in two cities – Edmonton, which serves as the provincial capital, and Calgary.

Alberta is a world leader in the oil and gas industry along with that it is the fastest-growing province with a vibrant industrial and service economy. It is considered one of Canada’s most prosperous province today, and is recognized internationally for its high standard of living.

Province has witnessed a decade of high growth rates, with high potential for further economic expansion. The economy is mostly driven by its booming energy industry, a major employer in the province. The energy industry directly accounts for one in every 16 jobs in the province. Alberta’s manufacturing sector has multiplied twice in the last decade, and innovation is booming and spreading new industries that make Alberta a strong competitor in global markets. Beyond oil and gas, forestry remains an important industry, with a turnover of around $6 billion annually. Alberta has also traditionally been home to large farming and ranching, which is an important part of the province’s culture and economy identity.

Due to the low levels of unemployment and high demand for skilled workers, Alberta’s average salary is highly competitive with the rest of Canada’s other provinces. The minimum wage in Alberta is around the Canadian average at 10.20$/hr. Eye raising fact is Albertan families have the highest average combined income in Canada.

With a very low crime rate, its cities and towns are pleasant places to live and safe to raise a family. In addition to all economic and health benefit, the province’s breathtaking natural beauty, including vast forests and the Rocky Mountains, contribute to a desirable living environment for healthy life.

Alberta has a renowned and world class education system, from kindergarten right through to its universities, which produces world-leading research working across the world.

In Canada, all citizens and permanent residents under the age of 20 are entitled to have free education until the end of high school through the public-school system giving every child option to be educated. When you move to Alberta, your children will have a pool of several different schooling options, all funded by tax dollars and without fees.

Alberta is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to immigrants to Canada thanks to its quality of life and economic opportunities which is growing day by day.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is Alberta’s flagship Provincial Nominee Program for immigration around the world. Through this program, prospective immigrants from across the world with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will help the candidate to speed up the overall immigration process for Canada PR.

Don’t wait, apply for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) and start the life you were waiting for. Click here to check your points.

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