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Quick immigration to Canada within 6 months

Canada welcomes 1,00,000 skilled immigrants through express entry.  This is the fastest and most popular pathway for skilled immigrants who are seeking a new life in Canada. Looking for immigration to Canada express entry is the most preferred method among immigrants.

Express entry application is a two-step process. Submitting the profile with the documents. There are

  • Language test results
  • Educational credential assessment report.
  • Passport
  • Once the applicant has submitted the profile, so they receive an invitation for Canadian permanent residence. One needs to provide a substantial application that includes reference letters, police clearance certificates, and medical examination results.
  • Skilled employee to be eligible for express entry has immigration for  Canada eligibility.
  • One year of full-time or part-time work experience in a skilled occupation.
  • Demonstrate on approved language test of Canadian language benchmark either in English or French.
  • Complete post-secondary education which is assessed with Canadian standards.

Factors decide on immigration to Canada

There is a minimum requirement for applicants to apply for Canada express entry. Candidates having a strong profile will be having dominance over those profiles meeting the basic requirements. Factors like –

  • The candidate profile will remain active for 12 months in the express entry pool.
  • On issuance of the invitation to apply, one will have 60 days to provide the documentation.
  • Post receiving the immigration, authorities receive the complete application, and permanent resident visa. IRCC may process the application in around 6 months.

Express entry visas can take little as 6 months to process. Not all the cases will process quickly. Express Entry profile will remain active for around 12 months even if does not get an invitation to apply. One is ready to resubmit the profile if one does not receive the invitation.

Factors for calculation of Express entry points

When Canada Express Entry points are discussed among the applicants, CRS points are being considered. Canada uses the CRS score to rank candidates in the express entry pool.  

Factors like –

  • Age
  • Education Level
  • Prove Language proficiency either in English or French.
  • Foreign working experience
  • Canadian working experience
  • Spouse
  • Factors
  • Canada Connections.

How consultants help with immigration to Canada Eligibility

  • Increase the IELTS Score– If anyone is looking for immigration to Canada eligibility is to increase your IELTS score as this way to increase your points. The best IELTS score can help you gain 160 points. A good IELTS score and post-secondary education can add up to 50 points. Three years of work experience can add up to 50 points additionally.  One needs to score at least 6.0 on each language ability on the IELTS. But if one scores CLB 9 in all language abilities, one can be looking at 260 express entry points for language ability.
  • After Scoring for a high IELTS exam– one can update the express entry profile with new IELTS test results. Canadian provides the express entry profile access to take the test. Students can get a lot of free or paid materials available online to help them prepare for the exam.
  • Immigration Tip – One should take IELTS early. Test results will vary depending on the preparation for the IELTS exam. One can update the profile and wait till to improve the score so that one could be missing out on draws.
  • Work experience – Express entry manages applicants for economic immigration streams, the work experience becomes a big part of calculating express entry points. It is difficult to accumulate more years for improving express entry points. If one is not eligible for express entry due to some reason, one can come as a student or temporary worker. Canadian experience can open up a lot more immigration options.
  • Provincial Nomination–   One can add additional 600 points to one profile if one receives nominations from the province. Many provinces usually operate with a nomination program that is aligned with express entry.  One has to keep in mind that applying for provincial nomination is a completely separate application process.

Eligibility for

The ideal express entry candidate should meet the following requirements

  • Age – 30 years
  • Have Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree
  • Proven proficiency in French and English language.
  • Three years of skilled work experience.

Factors that boost CRS Score for immigration to Canada from India

  • Higher proficiency in English or  French
  • Bilingualism in French and English
  • Master’s degree or Ph.D. in education
  • Canadian work experience
  • Any family relative is currently resulting in Canada
  • Arranged employment offer from Canadian company
  • Nomination from a provincial

Would like to have Canada Permanent residency? The Canada PR consists of features that test the eligibility criteria for PR. They are meeting requirements and completing the application for Permanent residency. One needs to fill free immigration assessment form to discuss the eligibility and options.

  • Our immigration lawyers and professionals are having 45 years of experience in handling ITA for Canada PR cases. We can prove with a proven track record for helping individuals become Canadian Permanent residents. Handling the ITA for applying to Canada PR-
  • Review of Express entry profile in detail.
  • Guide for obtaining the supporting documentation
  • Reviewing the support documentation which is based on client specific scenario
  • Legal submission package to advocate in accordance with program requirements.
  • Track all the applications of clients and update them.
  • Follow up with immigration authorities as per the situation
  • Managing all the correspondence with appropriate authorities
  • Get the Canada PR.

We at Sernexuss are here to assist you in the primary goal to assist the client in getting permanent residency in Canada. We are always there to help and assist the client to stay as a permanent resident. We are backed by the latest technology on immigration, and case processing and work with a trained and experienced team. We represent the best lawyers, and most efficient and cost-effective immigration and visa services available. All the cases are handled by competent and experienced immigration professionals but they are independent. These professionals consist of lawyers, and licensed consultants. These lawyers are all trained and know how to deal with complex matters. Their know in order to maximize visa applications.

Process Handled for immigration to Canada Process

  • Access to the Lawyers
  • Prepare the Case
  • A proactive approach to everything
  • Review the File Before submission
  • Certify and Verify the plans for your move
  • Explain the steps
  • Deliver the Results

Conclusion – Don’t wait for one more year for Canada PR eligibility. Enroll now for the Sernexuss immigration services and flew to Canada in the next 6 months.