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Plan Your Trip to Australia – Apply for Australia Tourist Visa

Are you planning to come to Australia to spend holidays, visit family or friends and sightseeing or for other business purpose?

Find out the important facts about the Australia Tourist Visa requirements before you apply.

Tourist Visa Subclass 600

The processing time for Australia Tourist Visa Subclass 600 rely upon the purpose of your stay. However, on an average, it takes around a month for the visa to be issued if you are entering as a tourist. If you want to apply during a busy time of year, it can take for up to 2 months for Australia tourist visa processing time. In general, 75% of applications are processed in 16 days while 90% of applications are covered in 27 days for Australia tourist Visa. Further, if the purpose of your stay is business, then the visa can be issued in a couple of days.

Australia tourist Visa Eligibility

You wish to travel to Australia to meet your friend or colleagues, close or distant relative or go back to your country. Though, the Australia Department of immigration and Border protection (DIBP) wants to see, based on your provided documents that whether or not you have sufficient ties to your country.

It is preferable to show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay financially in Australia. You need to meet the genuine temporary stay requirement for Australia. In addition to this, you need to meet health and character requirements in order to apply for Tourist visa. The Visa does not allow you to live and work for more than 3 months.

Having a partner or children can help to process your application, though usually job commitments are the primary and important factor as well as documents provided by the employers.

Apply to avoid “rush hour” for Australia Tourist visa

If you are eagerly desirable to visit Australia during European winter, particularly to spend Christmas and New Year holidays, when it is summer in Australia, you need to apply before the busy period starts. The Rush Hour for Australia tourist visa Subclass 600 starts around late September and early October.

The Australia Tourist Visa fees

If it comes about the application charge for this visa, then it is around $140 per person. Also, if a family of four wants to apply, it will cost around $560. Basically, an AUD of 365 is the required Australia Tourist visa fees.

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