The process to Check Eligibility for PR in Canada is based on a Score-based pattern system which is comprised of Comprehensive Ranking System. The scoring system makes it easier for candidates to check their capability which is trying hard to immigrate to Canada and have a comfortable life.

Many candidates are not aware of eligibility criteria of PR Visa in Canada, so they should try to Check capacity for PR in Canada through PR Canada calculator.

Migrate to Canada as Permanent Resident through Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the best and fastest ways for someone looking forward to moving to Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched the Express Entry in 2015 to focus mainly on Skilled Workers applications. A score-based evaluation is done in this program primarily based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

Three Important Programs under Express Entry:-  

  1. Canadian Experience Class:- CEC is for those who already have work experience in Canada, but the candidate’s experience must be three years before applying.
  2. Federal Skilled Worker:- The FSW program is for those workers who already have some experience in any foreign country and need to meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Federal Skilled Trades:- The FST program is only for those skilled workers who are certified in any skilled trade and must have received a valid job offer from the employer.

The Government conducts an express Entry draw every two weeks, and they invite the applicants for PR based on their CRS points. 

How To Apply For Canada PR?

The Government of Canada has made it a lot easier for an immigrant who is looking forward to applying for Canada PR because of its friendly immigration policies. Immigration to Canada is a lot easier as compared to other foreign countries. There are a lot more than 80 ways to immigrate to Canada. Different programs that help the immigrants to move to Canada quickly, and they are following:- 

  1. Express Entry:- As mentioned above, Express Entry is one of the best solutions for any immigrant trying to move to Canada quickly. The candidate needs to create an express profile, and then they can apply through any of the three immigrant programs under Express Entry. There is a score based evaluation in this program.


  2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program:- The Government of Canada has agreed with the province of Quebec to help those workers looking for jobs in Canada. Immigrants need to go through two stages to apply for QSWP to migrate to Canada. They need to submit an application to the Government of Quebec for Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]) in the first stage. In the second stage, if Quebec selects the candidate’s application and receives the CSQ, they need to apply to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


  3. Atlantic Immigration Program: They developed AIP to help the local employers and skilled workers who cannot find jobs. They welcomed immigrants to four Atlantic Provinces of Canada- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. It is an employer-driven program where employers can hire employees from foreign nationals. It is a must for the candidate to get a valid job offer from the employer.

Two Programs Under AIP:-

Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP):- In the AHSP program, the candidate must have past one year of experience based on the current job offer. It is a contact-based program where the candidate must sign a one-year contract with the employer. The candidate must clear level 4 of any one language of Official Canadian languages: English and French.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP): The AISP program is a full-time job offer. The candidate must have a year of experience based on the current job offer, and they must clear level 4 of any official Canadian language.

Current PR Draw Of Canada

The latest PR draw of Canada took place on 16th February 2022.

The latest details for Canada Express Entry are as follows:- 

  • Number of Candidates for ITA:- 1082 Invitation to apply was issued.
  • Immigration Program:- Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Candidates
  • Points Required for Canada PR 2022- 710 CRS score cut off 
  • Draw Number- 216

It is the fourth express entry draw of 2022. The latest express entry draw of 2022 is continuing the trend of 2021. Canada is focusing more on Provincial Nominee Program and Class Experience Class and excluding the candidates of Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program.

Eligibility For PR In Canada

Canada PR eligibility is evaluated based on a score-based system. Canada PR points system help every applicant to prepare based on the marking scheme to get a positive result. 

The scoring system follows the following patterns:- 

  • Language Proficiency- The candidate can score 28 points in this.
  • Education- A candidate can score 25 points.
  • Work Experience- Can score maximum 15 points.
  • Age- can score maximum 12 points.
  • Arranged Employment – can score maximum 10 points in this.
  • Adaptability – can score maximum10 points

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is essential for candidates trying to get PR Visa through Express Entry. Once the candidate is aware of the eligibility criteria, they should check eligibility for PR in Canada through PR Canada calculator. Immigrants who apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program must achieve 67 points out of 100. After the assessment, any candidate who secured 67 points meets the criteria to apply for Canada PR. The next step after scoring 67 is to build an express entry profile, and CRS  will rank the candidates, and the high ranking profile will receive ITA.

Canada PR Visa Requirement

The candidates must prepare all the required documents beforehand to avoid any trouble when applying for PR.

List of Mandatory Documents for Canada PR Visa

  • Educational Credential Assessment Certificate
  • IELTS Test result or Language Certificate
  • Educational certificates
  • Identity Proof
  • Medical and Police Clearance Certificate
  • Travel Documents like Passport
  • Sometimes, the authority may also need some other documents, so the candidate needs to be prepared for that and provide it instantly in a given period.

Total Cost To Apply For Canada PR Visa From India

Every candidate looking to move to Canada has to pay the cost to apply for Canada PR Visa from India at some stage. The candidate applying for Permanent Resident has to pay a charge for the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF).

Fee Structure to apply for Canada PR Visa from India:-

  • Application Fees for Canada PR- 49,500 RS./ 841.90 CAD
  • For a secondary application (which can be your spouse), the Fees remain the same- 49,500 RS./ 841.90 CAD
  • Each dependent child, the Fees is (below 22 Years)- 13,500 RS./ 229.68 CAD
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fees – RPRF (Landing Fees), per adult- 30,000 RS./ 510.48 CAD
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fees – RPRF (Landing Fees), per Child – NIL.

Conclusion:- Many immigrants dream of moving to Canada, and with the help of the Canada Government, they can achieve it quickly because they have made the process easy. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that they need to meet all the eligibility criteria like language, age, adaptability etc. They need to score 67 points. Once they achieve a 67 score, they can quickly get the invitation to apply based on their score.

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