By the way, if you are here looking for five magic words that will get you IELTS 8 or four sentences to memorise that will guarantee the band 9, then we afraid this is not what you will find here.

You cannot hack IELTS what we are going to share is the requirements according to the criteria. We will tell you what you need to do and how to do but, you need to the hard work to secure desire band. 

We will discuss one key for each writing criterion from grammar rang and accuracy to lexical resources to coherence and cohesion finally to task response.

Key 1: Find and fix your errors:-

If your aiming band 8, the grammatical range and accuracy have a criterion which says, “the majority of the sentences are error-free.” The examiner who will examine your paper takes these criteria very seriously. So, you must write more than 60% of your sentence error-free, perfect usage of grammar. Proper use of article, vowels, tenses, preposition is mandatory to secure the 8 band in writing.

How to do it?

Before test day:

  • Get feedback from your colleague or friends or reach out to your school English Teacher.
  • Take action on the feedback you receive. 
  • Create your error hit list, figure out the mistakes you make regularly.

On test day:

  • Write and edit with your errors in mind.
  • Edit with fresh eyes and mind after you finish your writing.

Key 2: Use topic-specific vocab:-

Let’s examine the criteria Lexical resource, band 8 says, “skilfully uses uncommon lexical items”. Many people misunderstand this and try to use bizarre or out of box vocabulary, means topic-specific.

For example, if the topic is related to environment use words like degradation, fossil fuels, industry waste, atmosphere, micro-organism etc.

Before test day:

  • Get input and feedback from your colleague or friends or reach out to your school English Teacher.
  • Read 30 minutes every day, be cautious with the content you are consuming.
  • Create your vocab system – make your dictionary.
  • Practise demonstrating your vocab. 

On test day:

  • Use and write those words you know.
  • Avoid generic sentences. 

Key 3: Master your linking:-

Now, let’s see what the criteria under coherence and cohesion it reads “ uses cohesion in such a way that it attracts no attention.” When you read the sentences, the linking is smooth, and are well connected, that is band 8-9.

Before test day:

  • Learn how different types of linking words used. 
  • Learn about faulty and mechanical linking and how to avoid it. 

On test day:

  • On the day of the test, use only those linkers which your 200% confident.
  • Check your sentences are holding with each other. 
  • Aim for linking words that attract no “attention”.

Key 4: Answer the questions:-

These look simple, but many tend to fall in the trap. Now, what’re the criteria says under task response, “sufficiently addresses all parts of the task.” Do read all the section carefully before you answer it. 

Before test day:

  • Read sample question as much as you can and then write your answers.
  • Analyse 8/9 band write up. There are many websites which have an article written by the general public for scrutiny. Pick the correct the one. 
  • Learn how to write paragraphs, not essay templates.

On test day:

  • Re-read the question before you start writing.
  • Answer all parts of the questions thoroughly. 

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