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Working Visa

Work Visa is issued for those individuals who want to work in well developed countries. Sometimes, an employer search for it challenging to get the right employee for work done as they do not have the prerequisite skilled & qualified worker in their own country. There is a employment unavailability in highly skilled as well as trades jobs.

Most countries announce every year about the vacant jobs and welcome immigrants to apply through a work visa.

The applicant should have the necessary educational qualification or certification in courses that are in trend in various working fields. You should be well knowledgeable in the required skills jobs. Furthermore, must have work experience in the skill jobs that will better your chances to get high salary jobs.

Benefits of working overseas

Working in overseas companies can provide you with better career opportunities and change your perspective of living. It is good for persons who are considering for:

  • To make your passport more suitable for international travel
  • Get the best healthcare, education, and greenery environment
  • Give your career a new path for superior job roles
  • Earn in dollars which tip to higher savings
  • Enjoy & sentient in well-developed countries
  • Improve your family financial necessities  

Processing Time in Work Visa

Work Visa processing times usually take 6 to 7 weeks as it involves lots of verification of documentation and visa rounds. It also depends on which country you want to job and what is your nationality as different countries have their prerequisite criteria. For Canada Work Visa it takes around 5 weeks when applying from India.

Working Visa For Canada 

Canadian Government has already declared jobs for 1 million immigrants who want to settle in their country. According to their, open-door immigration policy, it makes it easy for the workers to apply and find a suitable job for them. Canada employer has unlocked their gateways for numbers of skilled employees and wants to meet their shortage of labor.

Since 2015, Canada has released lots of work permit visas for other country citizens. They have two categories of work visas that include – open and employer-specific work permits. The open work permit permits you to work for any organization and does not need LMIA or an offer letter from the company. In contrast, employer-specific, you need a permit from a specific company before getting the work visa.

Working Visa For Australia

Australia is considered to be one of the top locations for workers, who want to move outside of their countries. It has a high ranking in providing education, work culture, economic, and many more.

You can apply through different options of working visa to arrive in Australia and get to start working in their top organization. The applicant should have the required sets of skills, post-secondary education, and work experience. Australia Government has five types of a work visa;

  • Short Stay Work Visas
  • Temporary Work Visas
  • Permanent Work Visas
  • Visas for Innovation
  • Regional Immigration

The top two work visa provides you limited time to stay in-country and other three work visa helps you getting the permanent residency of country.

How Sernexuss Can Help You In Getting Working Visa?

Taking our assistance in getting a work visa, helps you in searching for best-suited jobs which enhance career opportunities.

Call us to plan your work visa from our immigration consultants. 

We perform a technical evaluation of your profile and suggest to you the best options to consider. Moreover, we do a demanding research job according to your skill sets and educational qualification in your target country. Our team will help you improve your CV for receiving more than one job offer letter from the companies. And, this is how we have helped our clients in getting their dream jobs.