Obtain Your Temporary Visa for Work, Study, or Visit

If you want to visit, study or work abroad for a shorter time, then you will require a temporary visa. Talk to our immigration consultant and know more about various temporary visas for Canada and Australia or just fill our Free Visa Assessment Form to see whether you are eligible.

Temporary Visa

The temporary visa is for foreign nationals to permit them to stay in the country for a certain time, without full citizenship. It is of three types that include:

  • Work Permit
  • Visitor Visa
  • Study Permit 

The correct temporary immigration program for you is determined by your intention or goals on going overseas regardless it can be for study, work, internship, meetings, attending the conference and visiting a place, etc. Our immigration lawyers go through your profile and suggest the best method to you.

Eligibility For temporary Visa

The applicant must fulfill the following criteria, to be eligible for a Temporary Visa:

  • You should have the governed approved passport with two to three blank pages
  • You should be above the age of 18 years or more
  • Have to demonstrate proof of medical as well as no criminal records documents
  • Translate your documents into your native language
  • Must be ready to pay your visa application and processing fees

There is an additional list of documents that you have to submit within time. Different countries have a range of requirements before giving your approval for the temporary resident visa (TRV).

Benefits of temporary visa

  • Live and work for the organization that is sponsoring you for up to 3-4 years
  • Can leave and enter the country number of times
  • Can also bring eligible spouse or dependents

The most popular work visa makes your path for permanent residency in the future. Before taking any steps or decision on temporary visas talk to our immigration consultants for the best solutions.

Documents Required For temporary visa

The applicants have to submit these all-time documents, which are necessary as per the rules. We have listed some important documents you must have before applying for TRV.

  • Detailed resume
  • Character certificate
  • Medical & Police certifications
  • Enough Funds to support you
  • English Language Ability Test

Our Clients Common Questions To Our Immigration Consultants

Do I am eligible for Work Permit to work in other well-developed countries?

There are many immigration programs which provide visa to you to enter their country. You should have education qualification, skills, and work experience which will help you for the approval of a working visa.

Do I require a study visa if want to do some foundation course or skill learning course? Not always, if your applied program is less than 6 months you can apply from the different category temporary visa options. But if extend longer than 6 months you must have a study visa.

Do I have to apply visa for every country?

Of course not. You do not need a temporary visa if belong to a visa-exempt country while foreign nationals from other countries must apply for TRV.

Sernexuss Help You In

  • Our immigration lawyer helps you in preparing paperwork
  • We make the visas procedure smooth & hassle-free for our clients

We are a trustworthy immigration firm for many years and have helped thousands of applicants to get successfully enter Australia, Canada, and many more countries for study, work, or visit. Just call us or fill out our free assessment visa form for checking the eligibility.