Skilled work Regional (Provincial) Visa (Subclass 491)

This is a provisional visa or temporary visa for the applicants who want to stay, work or study in a nominated state of Australia for almost five years. In addition to this, you can apply for an Australian PR Visa with help of a Permanent Residence Skilled Regional visa (subclass 191) (if eligible) after completing a minimum of 3 years under subclass 491.

You can add in your relatives when you have presented your visa application. A subordinate can likewise be combined even after a visa application has been submitted yet before any choice is made on your application.

What are Subclass 491 visas and their significance?

Australia Subclass 491 is a temporary stay visa for 5 years that permits the candidate to work or study in Australia. With this visa, you can comfortably travel in and out of Australia as you wish

Some of the significant points are listed down below:

  • 1 The applicant can stay in Australia for 5 years.
  • 2 You can freely study or work in a nominated regional place.
  • 3 Later three years you can apply for PR Visa.

What is a basic requirement for the eligibility criteria Skilled work Regional (Provincial) Visa (Subclass 491)?

The applicant has to follow these mention eligible criteria:

  • • First, you have to be nominated by a state or territory government agency or you can be sponsored by your relative who is living in Australia.
  • • Second, your declared occupation must be on the skilled occupation list.
  • • Third, you should go for a proper skills assessment for your profession or degree.
  • • Fourth, you should score the minimum points as stated.
  • • Last, you should get your letter of invitation to apply.

    Important eligibility criteria Skilled work Regional (Provincial) Visa (Subclass 491)

    Later, receiving the invitation to apply the nominated applicant is eligible for a subclass 491 visa if he/she meets the following requirements:

  • • You should be 45 years of age or below.
  • • You should provide a suitable skill assessment certificate which should be valid for at time of invitation.
  • • You should be able to achieve a minimum of 65 points.
  • • Your English proficiency should be of competent level.
  • • Your occupation/job should be there on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • • You and your additional family dependents have to meet the least possible health & character requirements.
  • How points are given for subclass 491?



    If applicants is nominated by agencies or sponsored by a family relative in regional Australia

    15 points

    Skilled Spouse or De Facto Partner

    10 points

    If the spouse is an Australian citizen or No spouse

    10 points

    If the spouse has an competent English but not Australian citizen

    5 points

    STEM qualifications (Science, Engineering, Technology etc.)

    10 points

    This is also based on the common point test, where a candidate is awarded a point for meeting the stated criteria. The points are evaluated based on age, qualification, work experience, English language ability, and Australian study. Though, from time to time there is a slight change of point test for every Skilled Migration Visas, as well as extra points, can be scored if below classes:

    How you can gain a subclass 491 visa invitation to apply?

    To get an invitation, the applicants are awarded a ranking based on:

  • • The applicant has a skilled spouse/partner or does not have a spouse.
  • • The applicant spouse can provide proof of evidence for Competent English.
  • What is the fee to apply for the Australia Subclass 491 visa?

    The visa application payment for a foreign applicant is AUD 4,405. If further, the applicant adds their family member in the same application, he/she need to pay for their fees also.

    There is a second installment fee of AUD 4,890 for those who are above the age of 18 years old or older and don’t have good English communication.

    The fees can be paid from both outsides or inside of Australia. In addition to this, you should not be in immigration clearance when you have applied for the visa and or pending decision.

    How to Go for Skilled work Regional (Provincial) Visa Subclass visa in simple 5 steps
  • Step 1: Have to submit proper EOI with help of SkillSelect
  • Step 2: Collect your legal and translated documents
  • Step 3: After getting an Invite to Apply. You have to go for your visa application within 60 days.
  • Step 4: Obtain your bridging visa.
  • Step 5: Finally get your subclass 491 visa. You will be provided with • Visa grant number • Date your visa start Visa conditions (if applicable)
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