Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee (SINP) Program 2021

The high standard of living makes Saskatchewan an ultimate province for immigrants. The splendid sunrise and sunset views with magnificent skylines are the charm of this Canadian state. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. But that’s not the only city where immigrants prefer to settle down. Another large and wonderful town located in this province is Saskatoon, which also happens to be the largest city famous for agricultural biotechnology. Apart from these popular cities in Saskatchewan, this province has plenty of immigrant-friendly towns that accommodate a large number of tourists from all over the world. Before you select a city to settle in Saskatchewan, let's have a look at the requirements and eligibility criteria to obtain a permanent residency in the city.

One way to achieve the PR status is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. First things first, Saskatchewan is Canada's agricultural capital that contributes to 56% of Canada's total wheat crop production and supply. Another popular occupation in Saskatchewan is mining. As the state is booming, the economy needs mining experts and people from the agricultural occupation to cater to the workforce requirements. Saskatchewan is a major exporter of Uranium and Potash. The flourishing mining sector increases the requirements of the foreign workforce that is capable of contributing to the Canadian economy by using their experience and skills in the required occupation.

What Makes Saskatchewan an Ideal Place for Canada Immigrants?

  • ➤ Education:Children under 20 years receive free education in public schools in Saskatchewan. The state has a total of 50 schools as well as 9 colleges that aim to provide the Canadian residents with free education and all the school facilities.
  • ➤ High Living Standard:Saskatchewan uses natural resources for power generation. Most of the energy requirements in this state are accomplished using natural power. With that being said, living in Saskatchewan is super affordable. People live a high-standard yet affordable lifestyle. So far, Saskatchewan is the cheapest state for immigrants in Canada.
  • ➤ Housing:Acquiring a house on rent or buying a new property in the state is affordable for migrants intending to settle in Saskatchewan. According to the research, the approx cost of houses in Saskatoon is $352,000 whereas the same in Regina is $338,000.
  • ➤ Economy & Employment:The unemployment rate in Saskatchewan is less than 4 percent, making it a perfect option for immigrants who are planning to search for a reliable job in Canada. As mentioned before, the major occupation in the city is in the Agricultural field. If you are not into the agricultural industry, you can find jobs in healthcare and other service sectors such as finance, banking, communication, real estate, and more.
  • ➤ Healthcare:Another factor that makes Saskatchewan a perfect destination for Canadian immigrants is its free healthcare services for national and international residents. You can get the basic healthcare facility for free of cost in Saskatchewan as long as you hold the Canada PR card.

Provincial Nominee Program Saskatchewan

As per the Provincial Nominee Program, Saskatchewan holds the right to search for an eligible candidate in international countries and nominate the most deserving applicants for Canada Permanent Residency. For those who are looking for the easiest and fastest way of achieving Canada PR status, Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program can be the best way to apply for PR and obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa for 5 years.

The program is further divided into certain categories and subcategories. The following are the popular categories of Saskatchewan PNP:

1. International Skilled Worker

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program is designed for people who are planning to migrate to Canada in search of work. The system determines the eligibility of the applicants on the basis of the points they accumulate in the Saskatchewan Immigration Point Calculator.

Following are the conditions every candidate should meet in order to become eligible for Saskatchewan residency:

  • ➤ Collect a minimum of 60 points from a total of 100 points in the Saskatchewan point calculator tool.
  • ➤ You must possess a minimum of one-year experience in a particular occupation. You must have achieved this experience in the past 10 years.
  • ➤ You must score at least 4 points CLBA (Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment).
  • ➤ The candidate must have received a job offer from the employer-based in Saskatchewan. This job offer should be classified as O, A, or B type.
  • ➤ Evidence of a valid license for the candidates who are applying for an occupation in the regulated trade.

2. Saskatchewan Experience Category

Saskatchewan SINP program is designed for the candidates who are already residing in Saskatchewan and intending to achieve the permanent residency status. This program can further be classified into the following streams:

  • ➤ Existing Work Permit Sub-category:Candidates who are living in Saskatchewan and working for a particular company for the past six months are eligible to apply for permanent residency. However, the company you have been working in for the past six months must be willing to hire you as a permanent employee.
  • ➤ Health profession sub-category:As the name implies, this stream is for candidates who are into the healthcare industry. You become eligible to apply for this category if you are living in Saskatchewan and working under a healthcare company. The candidate must have worked in the healthcare sector for at least 6 months under Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
  • ➤ Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub Category: Candidates who work as the food/beverage server, housekeeper, cleaning member, kitchen helper, receptionist, and assistance can apply through this program.
  • ➤ Long-haul Truck driver sub-category:The international workers who have been working in the trucking company are eligible for applying for a PR visa through this program.

3. Student Sub-category

Children who have studied in Saskatchewan or any other Canadian education institution can apply for this program given that they have completed their graduation from Saskatchewan University.

Children Who Have Completed their Graduation from Saskatchewan Educational Institution

  • ➤ You must have studied for a minimum of 8 years in Saskatchewan post-secondary institution to become eligible for this program. You must have a diploma, certificate,
  • and degree as evidence of your graduation from the Saskatchewan institution.
  • ➤ Students who have graduated from a well-known Saskatchewan educational institution and have worked for the past 6 months as a paid employee are eligible to apply for Saskatchewan PR.
  • ➤ The students who have received a full-time job invitation from a reputable company in Saskatchewan will qualify for the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.
  • ➤ If you are in an occupation that’s classified as A, O, or B category, then you are eligible to apply for Saskatchewan PNP.

Children who Have Completed Their Graduation From Canadian University can Apply for the PNP if they meet the following requirements:

  • ➤ Students who have completed their graduation from any Canadian institution that’s based outside Saskatchewan are eligible to apply under this program.
  • ➤ The minimum education requirements include 2-year and 16 months of study experience.
  • ➤ Candidates must possess the experience of working for at least 24 consecutive months in a Canadian company based in Saskatchewan.
  • ➤ The student needs a permanent job invitation from the employer-based in Saskatchewan.
  • ➤ Your occupation must be classified under NOC types A, O, and B.
  • ➤ The candidate must hold an appropriate SINP job approval letter.

4. Entrepreneur Category

People with an exceptional business idea can apply under this program by providing the authorities with an Expression of Interest (EOI). This is for entrepreneurs who intend to commence their business in Saskatchewan.

The Applicants Must Meet the Following Eligibility Criteria:

  • ➤ They must have a net worth either equal to or above CAD 500,000.
  • ➤ They must possess at least three years of experience in entrepreneurship and business management.
  • ➤ They can submit the net worth details through legally acceptable documents.Apart from these requirements, the applicant must comply with the below-mentioned criteria once they achieve their permit.
  • ➤ They must be financially capable of investing at least $3000,000 in the capital city of this province or $200,000 in any other city.
  • ➤ The business idea they come up with must be in accordance with the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur guidelines.
  • ➤ The candidate must possess 1/3 rd of the equity business in this province as long as the total investment is not above or equal to CAD 1 million.
  • ➤ They must be willing to stay active and perform regular business management operations in Saskatchewan.
  • ➤ The candidate must come up with two job opportunities for the permanent residents in Saskatchewan. This is applicable for entrepreneurs who are planning to settle in Regina and Saskatoon.

5. Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This program is designed for the people engaged in the agricultural industry, especially farm owners. The eligible applicant must comply with the below-mentioned requirements.

  • ➤ A deposit of minimum Canadian dollar 75,000 should be processed from the candidate's end (the amount is refundable).
  • ➤ The candidate must have a minimum net worth of $500,000
  • ➤ The candidate should be able to prove their proficiency and knowledge in agricultural operations.
  • ➤ The candidate should stay in Saskatchewan for 5 consecutive business days and talk to the SINP representative.

Young Farmers Stream

  • ➤ The candidates must have a minimum net worth either equal to or above $300,000.
  • ➤ They must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the agricultural industry.
  • ➤ They must have sufficient funds to make an investment of up to $150,000 in the Canadian agricultural industry.
  • ➤ Their age must not exceed 40 years.
  • ➤ They must possess viable employment knowledge and practice.
  • ➤ The candidate needs to submit a signed proposal for being a part of the agricultural industry in Saskatchewan.

How Can You Apply for SINP 2021?

The easiest way to ensure a hassle-free application process and easy approval of your PR visa application in Saskatchewan are to take guidance from professionals. They can guide you throughout the process and help with the SINP procedure. Here are the basic steps involved in the SINP application process.

  1. ➤ Complete and submit the provincial and federal application form
  2. ➤ Apply for the SINP online. Submit all the documents required along with the application.
  3. ➤ Clear the fee of Saskatchewan Express Entry Program
  4. ➤ Check for the notification. Note that the province will send a notification as soon as your application is approved.
  5. ➤ Once you receive this notification, you can contact the Saskatchewan authorities.

The Total SINP Processing Time

So far, the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination program takes only 4-5 months to select the candidates and approve their immigration requests. But that's only possible when the eligibility criteria are met and the procedure is carried out smoothly. Many factors can affect the SINP processing time. For example, the demand for your occupation in the state, the program you have chosen to apply for Saskatchewan PR Visa, and more. For those looking for faster visa application approval, you can apply through the following programs:

  • ➤ Employment Offer Category (it takes only a month for approval).
  • ➤ Saskatchewan Express Entry program (3-4 months).
  • ➤ Occupation in-demand program (4-5 months).

Take Sernexuss Immigration Guidance to Apply Through Saskatchewan PNP

The legal process involved in the selection of the candidates who have applied for the Saskatchewan Permanent Residency Visa can be quite complex. You'll need professional assistance to ensure that all the procedures are done accurately. We at Sernexuss make sure that you have all the documents and application forms ready for the submission. We help you prepare for the Provincial Nominee Program so that your application gets quick approval.