Prince Edward Island Canada Provincial Nominee Program

In the past 15-20 years, we have witnessed a growth in the rate of migration to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Even though it happens to be the smallest state in the country, Prince Edward Island welcomes its immigrants with plenty of career opportunities. All the skilled and talented workers who are passionate about their jobs can migrate to this province and settle in this beautiful Canadian town for good. In this post, we've shared the best ways to apply for the permanent residency visa for Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The easiest and most popular way to apply for Canada migration is through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee program. The applicants are selected based on their work experience, the demand for a particular occupation in the province, educational credentials, and their intention of living and working in this province. Once selected, the candidates receive a nomination by Prince Edward Island that makes them eligible to apply for a PR visa. It also helps them to earn an extra 600 points in their CRS score, increasing their probability of getting selected for the PR visa. Let's have a look at the common streams through which you can apply for Canada's permanent visa status.

PEI PNP Express Entry

As the name implies, the candidates under this stream are selected from the Express Entry Draw. They must clarify their intention of living and working in Prince Edward Island in the Express Entry profile to get selected for the visa. The candidate’s profile is reviewed and the selection is made depending on the demand for the particular occupation in the province. Only the skilled and most deserving candidates are nominated under this program.

Business Impact Category

This category is designed for entrepreneurs who plan on commencing a business in Prince Edward Island. The stream is further classified into three types:

  1. Hundred percent ownership
  2. Work permit stream
  3. Partial ownership

The 100% ownership program is for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a full-time business in the province. They can do it by starting a new company or investing in an existing venture. The partial ownership program is for people who want 33 1/3% ownership in the venture. Alternatively, they must invest a minimum of $1,00,000 in the enterprise. The work permit is for the candidates who want to get a work permit to work in Prince Edward Island without getting nominated for a Canada PR visa. It is a perfect opportunity for candidates who want to work in Canada under an employer and learn management skills before they set up their own firm in Prince Edward Island.

The basic requirements for this stream are listed below:

  • The minimum age of the candidate applying for this program is 21 years while the maximum age is 59 years.
  • The candidate must have a minimum of CAD 6,00,000.
  • They must have completed their formal education.
  • They must receive at least 4 points in the language proficiency test.
  • They must have a comprehensive business strategy
  • They must deposit approx $2,00,000
  • They must be ready to make $1,50,000 investment in an existing or new firm.
  • They must possess the management skills

Labor Impact Category

This category invites applicants who are involved in a profession that’s in high demand in Prince Edward Island. The stream is further divided into the following types:

  • The Skilled Workers Stream:The program is designed for workers who are picked by employers based in the province. The eligibility requirements for candidates applying through this stream are a minimum of 2 years of work experience, a good language proficiency score, a minimum educational qualification of two years, a valid work permit. They must also pass the job interview.
  • The Critical Work Stream:This program is for aspirants who have been selected by the Canadian employer for work and the employer intends to hire them for a permanent basis by applying for the permanent residency visa. The program is applicable for both semi-skilled and un-skilled candidates who are sponsored by the Canadian employer. The eligibility requirements involve a minimum of 6 years of work experience with the Canadian employer in Prince Edward Island, a job in the NOC category D, and C, a minimum of 2 years of experience in the particular occupation, 4 points in IELTS test.

International Graduate Streams

The program is for employers who want to hire a foreign candidate for work requirements. To prove the eligibility for this stream, the candidate must submit the letter of the job from the employer-based in Prince Edward Island. They must have a job falling in any of the O, A, and B category. The candidate must submit the post-graduate work permit and have a 6-month experience working with the Canadian employer. They must have minimum educational qualifications and the necessary language skills.

The Processing Time Required for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The processing time of the Prince Edward Island PNP depends on a number of aspects such as the documents submission, aspirant’s qualification, the requirement of the particular occupation in the province, and more.

If everything is submitted on time and all the documents are accurate, the candidate will receive the nomination letter within 6-7 months of the application date. Make sure that in Prince Edward Island, there’s no guarantee that the provincial government will evaluate all the application forms and approve the requests. Whether your application is reviewed or not, depends on the demand for your occupation in the province.

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