Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan issue invitations under Provincial Nominee Programs

Four Canadian provinces issued the invitation this week

The province of British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan issued invitations to apply for Canada immigration to candidates through their Provincial Nomination Program (PNPs) this week.

Nonetheless, a provincial nomination is not the same as a permanent residence; however, it can help candidates to obtain permanent residence from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

Each province and territory of Canada (except Quebec and Nunavut) operate its own PNP (Provincial Nomination Program). Through Provincial Nomination Program, interested applicants can receive an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination. Quebec’s immigration programs get directed by the province and are discrete from other Canadian immigration programs.

The Provincial Nomination Program holds around 105,000 PR admissions every year. It got started in 1998, and since then, PNP admissions have grown continuously. Federal and Provincial governments of Canada contemplate it as a productive tool to advocate economic development outside of urban centers.

Provincial immigration results December 9-December 16


The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), on December 13, issued 160 letters of interest to individuals from the Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream. The individual should already be present in the Express Entry pool with CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) scores between 341- 490. The draw concentrated on applicants with work experience in particular NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes.

To be considered eligible for the Ontario stream, an applicant must be in the Express Entry pool for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Canadian Experience Class. They should have French language skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking at a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level 7 or higher.

 Further, the candidate should have English language skills- reading, writing, listening, and speaking at a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level 6 or higher.

British Columbia

Over 212 candidates received invitations to apply for a provincial nomination in British Columbia on December 13.

British Columbia gave invitations to over 180 candidates in a general draw inclusive of tech occupations. Candidates in the skilled worker and international graduates categories and also including Express Entry candidates received invitations. 

Semi-skilled and entry-level candidates also received invitations. The required SIRS score for the general draw ranged between 80-104.

SIRS works the same as the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) but only gets used for British Columbia’s PNP.

British Columbia also invited candidates working in the following occupations.

  • 19 early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) with scores of at least 60 points;
  • 13 healthcare workers from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, including Express Entry category, with scores of at least 60 points and;
  • Other priority occupations with minimum scores of 60.


The first draw of Saskatchewan in over a month got held on December 15. Saskatchewan gave invitations to 348 candidates under the Express Entry; 285 candidates under the Occupations-in-Demand stream of the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) total of 633 invitations got issued to candidates. Applicants from both streams needed 82 scores. 

Two Candidates with 62 scores, whose country of residence is Ukraine, also received invitations.


Manitoba provided invitations to over 1,030 applicants under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream of MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program). To get an invitation, applicants must meet the needed eligibility requirements of the program. All the candidates who acquired an Expression of Interest (EOI) 656 had profiles in the EE (Express Entry) system.