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How you can expect Express Entry to change in 2023?

Express Entry is the most renowned and the key pathway for Canada to welcome skilled foreign workers to this country through Canada PR (permanent residence) but the bi-weekly structure of Express Entry is about to be developed is about to expand.

Canada’s Express Entry system is a unique online system used by the authority to manage the applications of the skilled workers of the three different programs of the Express Entry- the Canadian Experience Class(CEC), the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) , the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

Express Entry has a reputation as one of the renowned immigration pathways of Canada to welcome foreign skilled worker to their country through permanent residence.

How is Express Entry changing?

Canada is one of the rapidly developing countries in the world with a fast growing economy but it also has a massive shortage of skilled workers in the labour market. Canada intends to focus on the skilled labor shortages and the need of the development of the Canadian economy, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shared that it intends to start conducting the targeted Express Entry draw starting in 2023.

As per the recently passed Bill C-19, the draws of Express Entry in the coming time will target people based on their- occupation, language skills, educational qualifications, to provide the Canada permanent residence, to candidates who will support Canada’s economy to flourish and grow.

According to the Immigration Minister of Canada, Sean Fraser, in present, the all-program Express Entry draws do not adequately help Canada to bring the foreign nationals who can fulfill the needs of country’s most in-demand skills and qualifications.

Presently undecided the particular occupations, language, or educational qualifications, that will be used by the authority, to inform the structure of these new draws, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), shares that it will ” consider and examine with multiple stakeholders to inform new categories in Express Entry to make a final decision on the details of the new format.

What does this mean for Canada PR?

Presently, the IRCC will conduct the draws of Express Entry as usual. Twice monthly, a huge number of invitation to apply (ITAs) for Canada PR will be given to the candidates, who applies through any of the three programs of Express Entry- the CEC, the FSTP, and/or the FSTP- based on the CRS scores they achieve.

Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS scores is a scoring system used by Canada to select the Express Entry candidates. Through the CRS scores, the candidates profiles gets ranked for the Canadian immigration based on various factors such as language proficiency, age, Canadian work experience, the ITAs are sent accordingly to the candidates based on their scores.

However, now the Express Entry will shift their focus from CRS scores to conduct the draws that will allow Canada to welcome immigrants, who will help in the development of the country and concentrate on particular areas of labor market needs and weakness.

The main aim of these targeted draws is to nourish the labor market of Canada and conceivably, see a budding increase of retention rates ( among the candidates settled in certain communities) because candidates choose to come where they know they have multiple opportunities for development as it was also the basis of their ITAs, as per the immigration minister, Sean Fraser.

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