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A visionary organisation devoted to offering unrivalled visa solutions to immigration aspirants with expert counsellors, professional case managers, and experienced IELTS coaches.

Sernexuss is a distinguished brand in Immigration Consultants in Delhi, India. We offer 100% legal services to the clients. We are regarded as leading and best immigration consultants in our region. We specialize in providing Canada PR visa via express entry, PNP, self-employed, Study Visas and Tourist Visa consultants.

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We have a specialist team consisting of expert counselors, best case managers, experienced IELTS coaches, and a very professional staff who help us achieve every milestone and give the best assistance to our clients.

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Cheena Singh

All the staff individuals are truly pleasant. The consultancy is registered. They directed me appropriately and helped with clearing all doubts. My consultant 'Mr. Pradeep Gupta' guided me with every step of the process to apply for my Canada PR.There are various parameters after every step Read more

Neha Patel

The reliable guidance and assistance of team sernexuss helped me to fulfill my dream of immigrating to canada. I was able to pass my ielts tests with free complimentary classes from their experienced ielts teacher. The case manager always kept me updated about my pr process. Thank you so much sernnexus.

Lakshmi Singh

I am happy to share that i got my Canada PR visa confirmation. I would like to thank Ms. Sonali and Aditya for guiding me and helping me out in this process. Also my IELTS trainer Mr. Sumit provided me enough support. Would recommend Sernexuss to all.

Anubhav kumar

We are very happy with the services we received from Sernexuss. They are one of the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi as they provide prompt service and help in all stages of Canada PR Application. Keep it up, guys!!

Nishant Sharma

It was a great decision of my life to choose Sernexuss immigration consultancy for my Canada PR. It was my dream to immigrate to Canada and Sernexuss made it possible with their legal assistance.

Rupesh Tomer

I was recommended Sernexuss by one of my colleagues, and he was also in the middle of his Canada PR process. He told me that this immigration firm provides 100% genuine services. I started my process with them, and I must say that they are the best.

Ansh Sharma

I highly recommend Sernexuss to anyone looking to start their immigration process. They are the best in the immigration field. Everyone needs a reliable immigration firm, and I am very thankful to them for providing me with the best services.

Mohit Saini

I have been planning to immigrate to Australia for the last two years, but I didn't know the process and how I should begin my process. Fortunately, I got across the Sernexuss online one day, and I started my process with them. Hopefully, everything went well, and I must say they are 100% trustworthy.

Guru Devendar

Excellent visa services, professional staff,legel and reliable visa guidance, all I needed for my immigration process. And sernexuss is the place where I got all of this. Thank you sernexuss to help me achieve my visa.

Krishan Bhati

It was a great experience for me to work with Sernexuss for my Australia visa, they handle everything for you from application filing to submission to paperwork. I will definitely recommend Sernexuss to everyone looking to procees theri immigration process.

Khushi Verma

My experience with team Sernexuss has been excellent; they have the best and the most hardworking immigration experts. You can surely achieve your Visa successfully.

Shruti Bhardawaaj

If you are looking for a positive result for your immigration process, I recommend you go for team Sernexuss, as their services are 100% trustable and transparent with the fastest result.

If you are someone on the lookout for the best visa consultants and immigration consultants in Pune for travelling abroad to Canada, then Sernexuss is just the right place for you and all your immigration needs. In not only Pune but the rest of India, Sernexuss is one of the leading immigration advisory firms. Equipped with a team of authorized specialist immigration agents, and highly satisfactory client service, our consultation services are dedicated to helping dozens of aspiring applicants immigrate to Canada and other parts of the world.

With a significantly strong presence across the Indian subcontinent, Sernexuss offers by far one of the best Canada visa and immigration consultation services in all of Pune. We are well equipped with a team consisting of some of the most efficient visa consultants and immigration consultants in Pune, having extensive knowledge about and experience in the immigration industry. Moreover, we provide a completely transparent and easy flow of information regarding the entire application procedure to our clients to guarantee maximum client satisfaction. We thereby promise our clients quality services that are well worth their valuable time and money.

Services We Offer

We offer the following visa and immigration consultation services by our authorized team of immigration experts in our Pune branch:

  • Case Evaluation
  • Eligibility Pre-Assessment
  • Application Assessment
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Visa Filing
  • Letter Drafting
  • How Our Services Help You In Settling Abroad

    Consultation: For prospective immigrants travelling to countries like Canada, New Zealand, etc., we firmly believe that direct consultation is the first step. For this purpose, we have a team of extremely dedicated and qualified immigration and visa specialists who are committed to advising you and navigating you through the various steps of visa application in an initial counselling session within which they will pre-assess your profile.

    Evaluation: Our team can only accept case files which, according to the requirements of the related immigration agency, meet the eligibility criteria. For this reason, it is necessary that you either verify your eligibility with the help of the CRS Score Calculator or seek direct help from us in order to apply for the Canada PR visa. To confirm whether or not your profile is suitable, our high-level team of efficient Evaluation Experts will examine your profile, check whether it is compliant with the immigration requirements of the country in concern, and thus inform you of your chances of getting your visa application approved.

    Documentation: If you have finished the prior steps and have successfully signed up for our services, we will assist you with all of the next steps, beginning with visa documentation, visa evaluation, visa filing, document consultation, submission of paperwork, visa fee payment assistance, and more. Your client file will then be allocated to one seasoned case officer from our staff. He/she will answer any and all questions relating to your visa and lead you through every step of the visa and immigration process, right up until you get your visa in hand.

    Why Should You Choose Sernexuss International Immigration consultants in Pune?

    What sets us apart from all other international visa and immigration consultancies in Pune is that here at Sernexuss, we are proud to prepare all aspiring immigrants to not just transfer to but thrive in the foreign country of their choice. We achieve this via through step by step guidance and maintaining full transparency.

    The Sernexuss team of experts offers an extensive and unrivalled range of visa advisory services in Pune to enable all immigration applicants, from foreign students to eligible professionals, to effectively achieve their immigration objectives. Therefore, Sernexuss has you covered with solutions to all your PR related needs if you are eager to kickstart your Canada PR process.

  • Step by step navigation through the application and eligibility process
  • Transparency, customer loyalty and extremely secure online mediation are maintained.
  • We have highly competitive and affordable fees for visa consulting.
  • We are trained with a highly trained and seasoned team of technical experts.
  • In the immigration industry, our team has a lot of experience, having processed hundreds of visa applications.
  • Before we send in any application, we do a comprehensive analysis of every client case file to leave no space for rejection.
  • In order to maximize the prospects, we provide a thorough evaluation of credentials and other relevant skills.
  • We have significant presence across Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, bangalore, and other major cities of India.
  • We have a complaint redressal system in place.
  • In addition to regular follow-ups from the corresponding case officer, we give an overall hassle free and fast process.