Certified Overseas Visa and Immigration consultants in Mumbai

Are you based in the west coast city of Mumbai? If yes, have you been on the lookout for the best visa consultants and immigration consultants in Mumbai for travelling abroad to Canada? Then look no further. Sernexuss is one of the leading overseas immigration consultancy agencies in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) as well as in the rest of India, and the answer to all your immigration related queries. Armed with a team of expert certified migration professionals, and comprehensive client service, Sernexuss is dedicated to helping hundreds of aspiring students and other applicants to immigrate to Canada as well as other countries.

With a strong presence across India, Sernexuss is easily one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Mumbai. Through a team of the most superior visa consultants in Mumbai with profound experience in the immigration industry, we provide a transparent and seamless flow of information about the eligibility and application process to our clients, to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience without a shadow of doubt that they are investing their valuable time and hard-earned money into the right consultancy agency.

How Do We Help You In Settling Overseas?

We provide comprehensive services, which include preliminary counseling, eligibility assessment, visa assessment, visa application, document consultation, document submission, assistance with visa fee payment, and more. Our services are available for Canadian immigration applications in Mumbai for skilled workers, working professionals, aspiring students, permanent residents as well as business applicants.

We have a substantial presence across Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, etc. The following are some of the top-notch consultation services which are offered by our Mumbai branch:

  • Consultation:We believe that comprehensive guidance and consultation is the first step to migrating to overseas countries like Canada, New Zealand, etc. For this purpose, our team of highly qualified and dedicated Immigration and Visa Experts will guide you through a preliminary counselling session on the various intricacies of visa processing.
  • Evaluation: We only take up case files that are eligible according to the guidelines of the concerned immigration body, that is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in case of Canada. It is important to note that in order to apply for the Canada PR visa, you should either check your eligibility through the CRS Score Calculator or contact us directly. To determine whether your profile meets the eligibility criteria or not, our team of experienced Evaluation Experts assess their profile as per the immigration requirements of the country and thereby ascertains your chances of obtaining the PR visa.

  • Documentation: After completing the previous steps, once you have signed up for thorough visa documentation, we help you with all of the necessary succeeding steps, which are: visa assessment, visa application, document consultation, document submission, assistance with visa fee payment, etc. How it works is that an individual experienced case officer will be assigned to your case file, and be there to guide you at every step of the way up until you have your visa in hand.

Important- To settle in Canada, start with checking your eligibility through CRS Score Calculator provided here or speak to our Immigration Experts to know your CRS Score.

Why Should You Choose Sernexuss Immigration Consultants in Mumbai?

What sets us apart from other immigration consultancies in Mumbai is that here at Sernexuss, we take pride in preparing all prospective immigrants to really thrive in the foreign country of their choice through open communication and unparalleled guidance. 

The team of experts at Sernexuss provides a comprehensive and unmatchable range of visa consultants services in Mumbai to help all immigration aspirants, from international students to skilled professionals, to achieve their immigration goals with ease. Therefore, if you are eager to kickstart your Canada PR process, Sernexuss has got you covered with solutions to all your PR related needs.

There exists a plethora of reasons which makes Sernexuss the best immigration consultant in Mumbai, and they are as follows:

  • Step by step navigation through the application and eligibility process
  • Maintains reliability, transparency and highly secure online mediation
  • Highly competitive consultation charges for visa
  • Well trained and empowered team of expert professionals
  • Presence across various cities of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, etc.
  • Complaint redressal system for each and every process
  • Profound experience in the industry with hundreds of processed applications
  • Thorough review of each case before submission to ensure acceptance
  • Seamless assessment of qualifications and other related skills
  • Exceptional guidance provided by licensed and authorized representatives dedicated to individual case files
  • Seamless and speedy procedure, backed by regular follow ups from the concerned case officers

Settle in Canada, just provide the relevant details in the attached PR Visa Query Form on the website. Our Immigration Experts will verify the provided details for creating your personalized error-free Immigration Procedure.