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Business Visa

Countries are increasingly encouraging trade between nations. This is being done to maintain relations with other countries and also allow the entry of huge foreign investments in their country. The inflow of foreign currency in the country promotes the economic condition of the nation. Investments from foreign nationals, is advantageous for them as such investments and startups encourage the generation of employment on either large or small scale. Business Visa is issues to a foreign national permitting him to conduct financial transactions and investments in a country of his interest and potential growth of his business. He is granted certain financial freedom namely

  • Large transactions and investments in the host country
  • Sign contracts and enter into mutual contracts
  • Attend trainings
  • Attend meetings
  • Enter into partnerships
  • Visit the country multiple times
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Business Visa is issues to promote commerce in more than two countries.

Individuals of high economic worth are the ones who apply for the business visa or what is also

popularly known as the Entrepreneur Visa or the Investor Visa. The pre requisites of the visa

are a little different than the other categories. One needs to show

  • Large Profits in the current business
  • Large turnover
  • Huge Investments
  • Stability of the current business
  • Be able to prove the requirement of the desired investment
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Sernexuss is an Immigration Overseas catering to all sections alike. We cater to the elite and the skilled professionals. We cater to the migration needs of the ones that generate employment and the ones that take up the employment generated. Sernexuss is rather popular amongst the ones seeking a business visa because of the numerous business visa categories that the organization is dealing in. Sernexuss offers a comprehensive range of business visa categories for different countries to choose from. Immigration deals in the different visa types both Short Term and Long Term. If we were to name important Business Visa Categories, they would be

  • Business Visit Visa
  • Business Talent
  • Business Innovation and Investment
  • Significant Investor Stream
  • Business Owner Visa
  • Senior Executive Provisional Visa
  • State or Territory Sponsored Investor Provisional Visa
  • Start Up Visa
  • Employment Based Visa
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  • Formulating the best possible business plans for you.
  • Advising you on the representation of your prospective Business Plan.
  • Advising you with the finances illustration
  • Documentation
  • Filing out your visa application on your behalf
  • Interview Preparation

Sernexuss has emerged as a pioneer in visa servicing and wishes to continue doing the same. You can consult our Immigration Solicitors and Immigration Consultants at any point of time and attain the best possible knowledge. So realize your objective, recognize the region, and grab the opportunity!

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