British Columbia PNP SIRS Points Calculator 2021

British Columbia is one of the developed states of Canada therefore it is the hotspot destination for skilled migrants from all over the world. Thousands of skilled applicants apply for the British Columbia PNP program but a handful of them are selected, those who meet all the eligibility requirements of British Columbia. In the year 2016, a new scoring system was introduced by the British Columbia authorities to make it an easy pathway to skilled individuals in Canada. An applicant needs to meet the special eligibility criteria set by the British Columbia immigration authority apart from other eligibility criteria to apply for permanent residency.

How Do I Calculate my SIRS (Skilled Immigration Registration System) Points?

The Skilled immigration registration system (SIRS) is the more special system to calculate the immigration score taking into account several factors to make an immigration candidate eligibility assessment. The different factors are listed below

  • ➤ The requirement of BC job offers of Skill level
  • ➤ The wages of BC job offer
  • ➤ The regional area of employment
  • ➤ Work experience
  • ➤ Education qualification
  • ➤ Language Proficiency

To apply for the British Columbia PNP program candidates must have a full-time employment offer letter from the British Columbia employer willing to support you and invite you for employment. Also if you are holding a degree from British Columbia, you don't need to have an employment offer letter. After this, you can submit your application and you will be allotted with certain points based on the above mention criteria. With this score and you're profiled will be then entered into the Express Entry pool along with the profiles of other candidates. British Columbia invites the highest-ranking applicants on priority bases, therefore if you have a good immigration score you will gain more advantage over the other countries.

You can calculate your tentative score based on this

 Skill Level of the B.C. Job Offer Points 
NOC Skill Level A (including Skill Type 0)  25
 NOC Skill Level B  10
 NOC Skill Level C  5
 NOC Skill Level D  5

2. Annual wage of the B.C. job offer

Annual Wage of the B.C. Job Offer  Points 
 $100,000 and above  50
 $97,500 to $99,999  38
 $95,000 to $97,499  37
 $92,500 to $94,999  36
 $90,000 to $92,499  35
 $87,500 to $89,999  34
 $85,000 to $87,499  33
 $82,500 to $84,999  32
 $80,000 to $82,499  31
 $77,500 to $79,999  30
 $75,000 to $77,499  29
 $72,500 to $74,999  28
 $70,000 to $72,499  27
 $67,500 to $69,999  26
 $65,000 to $67,499  25
 $62,500 to $64,999  24
 $60,000 to $62,499  23
 $57,500 to $59,999  22
 $55,000 to $57,499  21
 $52,500 to $54,999  20
 $50,000 to $52,499  19
 $47,500 to $49,999  18
 $45,000 to $47,499  17
 $42,500 to $44,999  16
 $40,000 to $42,499  15
 $38,750 to $39,999  14
 $37,500 to $38,749  13
 $36,250 to $37,499  12
 $35,000 to $36,249  11
 $33,750 to $34,999  10
 $32,500 to $33,749  09
 $31,250 to $32,499  08
 $30,000 to $31,249  07
 $28,750 to $29,999  06
 $27,500 to $28,749  05
 $26,250 to $27,499  04
 $25,000 to $26,249  03
 Less than $25,000  0
 Maximum Score Available  50

3. Regional district of employment

 Regional District of Employment Points 
Stikine, Central Coast, Northern Rockies, Mount Waddington, Skeena-Queen Charlotte, Powell River, Sunshine Coast, Kootenay-Boundary, Alberni-Clayoquot.  10
Kitimat-Stikine, Bulkley-Nechako, Squamish-Lillooet, Strathcona, Columbia-Shushwap, East Kootenay.  8
Peace River, Comox Valley, Cariboo, Central Kootenay.  6
Okanagan-Similkameen, Cowichan Valley, North Okanagan, Fraser-Fort George.  4
Thompson-Nicola, Nanaimo, Central Okanagan.  2
Capital, Fraser Valley.  2
Greater Vancouver.  0
Maximum Score Available. 10 

Human Capital Factors 1) Directly related work experience

 Directly Related Work Experience in the Occupation of B.C. Job Offer Points 
 5+ years  15
 4 to 5 years  12
 3 to 4 years  09
 2 to 3 years  06
 1 to 2 years  03
 Less than 1 year  01
None  0

2. Highest level of education

 Education Points 
 Doctoral or Master’s degree  17
 Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma  11
 Bachelor’s degree  11
 Trades certification  11
 Associate Degree  4
 Non-trades certification or Diploma  2
 High School  0

3. Language

Canadian Language Benchmark Level  Points 
10+  30
 9  26
 8  22
 7  18
 6 14 
 5  10
 4  6
 Below 4  0
 No Test  0
 Maximum Score Available  30

Firstly, you need to have a full-time employment offer from a British Columbia employer who is willing to support you through the entire vetting process. However, if you have a degree from a British Columbia University then you don’t need to have the employment offer. After this step, when you submit your application you will be given a certain score based on the abovementioned factors. This score and your profile will be entered into the Express Entry pool along with the profiles of other candidates. British Columbia only invites the highest-ranking candidates so it is important to optimize your profile ranking to gain an advantage over other candidates. Here is the list of breakdown point scoring system of SIRS. An applicant can score a tentative score based on this.

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