CRS is a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool which is a point-based system that asses your profile and ranking for Canada PR.

Since August around 1500+ people were added to the pool of 480+ score. If you see the pattern, the cut off usually remains around 470+ so this is the Golden Group. Around 5000+ people were under this golden group.

The draw was 476, and around 2500 people were sent initiation to apply, by next draw around 1500+ added to the golden group. The draw was on 2nd September and cut off was 475 and around 4200 people were invited to apply for PR.

People left in the golden group were just 1900+ and people added were 2000+, but the cut off on 16th September was 472, which again pulled around 4200 people for PR invitation process. People left were 1000+ in the golden group, if you see the pattern, it’s good news for the people who are under the golden group as the cut off is reducing 1-3 points every alternation and a greater number of people are eligible for the PR invitation.

After that, around 1700+ people were added but on 30th September, CRS score cut off went down to 471, leaving only 180+ people left in the group.

If this trend continues, the score is likely to drop 1-3 points every two weeks, it will go as low as 465-466. This will only go below if IRCC keeps the regular draw every two weeks and secondly, the draw size remains more than 3500, ideally around 4000. There are higher chances of CRS score to be stagnant at 465-466 as the number of applicants applying for Canada PR is increasing drastically with the average score of 465.

On 14th October 2020, it was #165 withdraw, the cut off was 471, it’s good news and a very good time to apply for the Canada PR. Canada has targeted for 2020-21 and due to COVID-19 pandemic the draw was on hold and the number of invitations was rolled was less. Now IRCC is back on track and this is the best time to work on your documents.

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