Life moving back to India after living in Canada can be difficult. Canada ranked number 1 in the world in the context of the high standard of living. Canada is home to nearly 1.4 million Indians living in Canada. Just like India, Canada is also a diverse country with diverse communities.

Canada and India have many similarities like the same form of government diversity of communities, and they also share the same belief that education is the key to success. However, Canada has some pros which can attract anyone to move again to Canada.

Pros of living in Canada as compared to India

  • Weather- The weather in Canada is quite unpredictable; it can be sunny in the morning but chilly in the evening. But after immigrating to Canada, you feel like you are living in heaven, if you belong to a place where you have just heard about the snowfall. Canada is fully-covered with snow in the winter season, and you feel to live in a wonderland. There are fun activities done during the winter season in Canada- skiing, snowboarding, etc.
  • People of Canada- The people of Canada are friendly, humble, kind makes it easy for an immigrant to adjust to a new country because you can easily make friends. The people of India are also the same in this matter. The people of Canada are very welcoming to everyone and do not discriminate based on any race, ethics, caste, or culture, and that’s why it is called a multicultural country.
  • Credit Score- The credit score is crucial to someone who immigrated to a new country; they need to bring their credit history to the new nation where they are immigrating. But you do not need to carry your credit history to Canada. The best thing about Canada is that Canadian banks offer new immigrants credit cards with low monthly limits and bank loans even though you do not have your credit history of your past country.

  • Universal Healthcare- Canada is one of the top countries in the context of healthcare facilities. Canada believes that every individual should have a right to equal and superior healthcare. The country’s high quality of life is because of its universal healthcare system, also known as Medicare. Canada’s large proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is allotted to the healthcare system compared to other countries.

  • Beautiful Country- Canada is a dream destination for almost everyone, not just because of its high-quality life but because Canada is a bright and wonderful country. Canada has an exquisite natural environment (Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls), European architecture (Quebec City), small maritime towns, and endless museums, restaurants, festivals, and parades.

  • Low Crime Rate- Canada is ranked 6th position among the world’s safest countries. Violent crime rarely happens in Canada, making it one of the safest countries in the world to immigrate. The crime rates in Canada are continuously declining. 

  • Job Opportunities- There are various job opportunities present in Canada right now. Canada is an employment hub, but it has a shortage of skilled laborers in its local markets and industries. To execute the need of employers and maintain their economic growth and high standard of living, they hire a lot of foreign nationals to work for their companies.

Cost of living in Canada vs India

India is cheaper than Canada, but Canada has always maintained a high-quality standard of living. It also has high pay in its industries with lots of job opportunities. In Canada, you can enjoy all the rights as a Canadian citizen after achieving permanent residence status.

Canada is a country of diversity, multiculturism, and the fastest developing country. According to the statistics, Canada is 168% more costly than India. Canada ranks second in terms of high-quality life.

The price of education

In India, public education is free of cost and mandatory for children aged between 6 to 14, and in Canada, it is from 16 to 18. But the best thing about education in Canada is that immigrant kids can receive free schooling.


Canada and India are no different, but as an immigrant in Canada, you can receive more salary than working in India with flexible work schedules. Canada welcomes many skilled Indian immigrants to apply for various jobs in the tech department or the HR department.


So both the countries are no less if compared to each other. But there are various things different from your perspective when you come back to India from Canada- pollution in India, women’s safety, high crime rate, employment, and less pay for your work which makes you miss Canada.

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