Learn Express Entry Steps and Documents Required to Apply for Canada PR Visa

Canada is one of the most superior choices of many skilled migrates looking to settle abroad. For entry of skilled workers to the Country, the Canadian Immigration Department has set up a different visa program. The Express Entry system is famous for all the visa categories which open with many opportunities every year. This program is used to process the majority of Canadian immigration applications for skilled and qualified workers willing to come and settle in Canada. To check the eligibility to apply for Canada Express entry, you must submit the Expression of Interest, once your profile is submitted you are assigned a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. Here we have briefly explained the step by step process to file your Canada Express entry program.

Steps to apply for Canada Express Entry

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) – This is the first step to apply for Canada PR visa under Express Entry. The Education credential assessment is done to show that your profile is as per the Canadian educational system and further you can apply for PR. For the Canadian immigration authority, ECA is proof that the applicant is suitable to live, work and settle in Canada. The ECA report is issued by the World Education services where you can apply online.

IELTS Language Eligibility – IELTS is the important English language proficiency test, which decides your pathway of immigration to Canada as a skilled worker. Scoring good bands in IELTS alternatively increases your overall immigration score. However, if you are willing to apply for Canada permanent residency visa, you must have a CLB score of 7 or if you have fewer points, you can apply for the PNP program.

Submits Express Entry Profile – Once you have all the documents, it’s the right time to file your application online. The first thing to note that is Express Entry has 3 major programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experienced Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

After creating the profile and selecting the type of express Entry program which you want, the next is to fill out the online application form and give all the details for age, education, work experience, partner, etc. You need to submit all the documents at the same time as filing.

Know your CRS score

You will be awarded the CRS score based on the skills you have submitted in your application form including age, work experience, English language eligibility, qualification, and other factors. CRS score will decide whether you qualify for applying Canada PR or not.

Improve your CRS score– If you are a low CRS score, you need not worry, as there are many ways you can improve your Canada CRS score.

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 What are the documents needed to apply for Canada’s permanent residency visa?

1. You need to provide identity proof

2. You need to provide your education documents.

3. You need to provide proof of your work experience

4. You need to provide a valid passport

5. You need to provide your recent photographs

6. If any, you need to provide proof of your employment offer letter by Canadian Employer.

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