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Immigration Ministers in Canada to plan for recovery after Coronavirus

Immigration has come up as a major step in the eyes of Canada’s immigration ministers to help improve the economic recovery after the Coronavirus outbreak. Last Friday, on July 24, the immigration ministers held a conference to discuss how the Coronavirus has affected immigration system of Canada.

There are three territories and ten provinces in Canada. Every territory and province has bilateral agreements other than Nunavut with the federal government. The territories and provinces have their own programs for immigration to let economic class immigrants in.

The two levels have regular meetings along with these agreements to discuss existing immigration issues and what to do next in future. The ministers agreed to go ahead on Friday with a robust immigration plan.

What was discussed in the meeting?

Along with discussing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on immigration, the ministers also covered regional economic immigration and planning immigration levels. They approved the strategic plan for 2020-2023 to outline the priorities for immigration. Global students were considered as major drivers in demographic and economic growth, which are vital for long-term success and economic recovery of Canada.

The long-term drivers remain for increasing immigration levels despite restrictions on new immigrants in Canada. The nation is still having shortages of workforce in several sectors and facing an aging population due to low birth rate. Immigration is helpful to maintain positive growth of population and to fill the gap of the labor market.

Ministers also decided to come up with a Municipal Nominee Program to collaborate because Canada is still finding it hard to attract people to small cities.

How would the meeting be in favor of immigrants?

The constant meetings between two government levels can be helpful to figure out why immigration system of Canada is so successful and strong. Today, Canada is a diverse nation with several social and economic conditions in each territory and province. Immigration is very helpful for Canada to improve the condition. The actions of provinces and feds speak louder. Both government levels have welcomed immigrants throughout the pandemic through PNP draws in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia and other provinces and with Quebec and Express Entry systems.