How to immigrate to Canada is a question asked by uncountable immigrant aspirants who wish of immigrating to their dream destination Canada. Immigrating to Canada is a one-time opportunity that no individual wants to leave. 

Canada is the fastest developing country with a strong and rapidly growing economy. Canada is a country full of opportunities, to live a luxurious and desired life with your favorite job. 

The Canadian Government and people know the importance of immigrants in their life and they welcome immigrants open-handedly. The reason for welcoming is because immigrants have a major effect on the economy of Canada as Canada has a problem of a growing aging population with a falling birth rate. Canada has a problem of insufficiently skilled worker and has to deal with labor shortages in their labor market and that’s why skilled immigrant plays a vital role in the economic development of Canada. The Canadian Government has made immigration policies easier to make the process easy for immigrant candidates. There is over 100 immigration program operated by the Government and its provinces to give multiple immigration options to the candidate.

How to immigrate to Canada in the 5 easiest ways?

The answer to how to immigrate to Canada in the 5 easiest ways and achieve Canada PR are as follows: Canada offers over 100 immigration programs to make it easier for candidates to immigrate to Canada and achieve Canada PR but the below-mentioned programs are the fastest ones.

Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program is the fastest and the most popular immigration program in Canada. It authorizes the candidates to live, work, study and travel anywhere in Canada as skilled workers. It is also one of the fastest ways to achieve Canada PR.

Candidates can immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry Program within six months. To start the immigration process through the Express Entry stream, a candidate has to create an Express Entry Profile, submit all the required details, and documents, and wait to receive an ITA. 

The candidates can apply to Express Entry Program through any of the three immigration categories under the Express Entry Profile:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program 3. Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Program

The provincial nominee program of Canada is the second-fastest immigration pathway to immigrate Canada. Each Canadian provinces operate its provincial nominee program with its own eligibility criteria and requirements.

Some of the famous provincial nominee programs are as follows:

• Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
• British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
• Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
• Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
• Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
• Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Family Sponsorship Program

The family sponsorship program allows the candidates to sponsor their parents, grandparents, spouse or common-law partner, dependent children, relatives, nephews, niece, and relatives to come to Canada with them.

Canada Study Visa

A Canadian student visa is also of the strongest and fastest pathways to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canada PR. Canada has some of the world’s most prominent educational institutes and recently, many people plan to use this pathway and reach Canada in a shorter period. Though immigrating to Canada through this pathway is an expensive option but it gives multiple benefits to candidates to achieve Canada PR fastly.

Work Permit with a job offer

Skilled immigrant candidates who have received a valid job offer from a designated Canadian employer can easily immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian permanent residency. Canada offers lots of job opportunities making it one of the biggest employment hubs.

The candidate’s employer needs to submit an application for the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to the Employment in Social Development of Canada (ESDC) to support their case.

Some other immigration programs

Currently, Canada is also offering various business immigration programs to concentrate more on business immigration and to develop the industrial infrastructure in the country. 

Here is the list of some renowned business immigration programs:

  • Self-employed Program
  • Start-up Visa Program
  • Business Visitor Visa

Canada PR FAQ

Q1. What is the fastest immigration pathway to immigration to Canada?

Ans. There is various immigration program that can help a candidate to fastly immigrate to Canada, however, the Express Entry Program is the most renowned and the fastest way to immigrate and achieve Canada PR.

Q2. What is the maximum age limit to immigrate to Canada?

Ans. There is no specific age limit mentioned by the Government for immigrating to Canada, however, the younger candidates receive the highest score in the age factor as compared to the older ones.

Q3. Is it easy to immigrate to Canada?

Ans. It is definitely easy to immigrate to Canada as Canada is a country that welcomes more than 400,000 immigrants each year. Canada has more than 80 immigration programs making it easier for candidates to immigrate to Canada by choosing a program based on their skills, experience, and education level.

Q4. Why is Canada looking for immigrants?

Ans. Canada is looking for immigrants to maintain the economic growth of its country as Canada has a skilled labor shortage issue because of its growing aging population. It is the reason Canada welcomes 400,000 immigrants each year and will welcome more than this in the coming years.

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