How to get a job in Canada from India?

Getting a job in Canada is becoming easier day by day because of lots of employment opportunities present there at the current time. Canada is becoming a paradise for talented job seekers looking for the best job opportunities, a stable working environment, and a bright future.

Countless Indians immigrate to get a job in Canada from India, mainly people from Punjab, because of lots of Indian Punjabi families living there. Canada hires lots of talented foreign nationals to accomplish the needs of local markets and employers. Compared to earlier, Canada has improved their immigration policies, making it quite simple for people to immigrate for a better lifestyle.

Why 2022 is best to apply for Canada PR?

Canada has a low growth rate, and most of its population is aged between 65 and over who will retire from the job markets shortly. Canada needs to run their economy smoothly, but it might be hindered if all the capable workers leave the industries simultaneously. They are hiring lots of skilled workers from foreign countries to maintain the standard of luxurious living through various programs such as the Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program. The Government of Canada and IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has modified their immigration policies to make it easier for skilled workers or immigrants to apply for a PR easily.
According to the statistics, Canada plans to accept over 1 million individuals as permanent residents and the best time to apply for Canada PR and get a job in Canada from India.

How can a newcomer find a job in Canada?

A valid job offer from a Canadian employer can increase your chances of achieving an Invitation to Apply and increase your CRS score. It is not compulsory to have a job offer from employers in most of the programs, but it can be helpful to an individual to achieve more scores like under Express Entry Program.
Canada is becoming an employment hub day by day, so it is not that challenging to find a job as a newcomer.

Receive PR first and get a job later

Initially, immigrants can acquire their permanent residents first and then find a job there. Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program are the fastest immigration pathways to Canada without a valid job offer.

What is the Express Entry Program?

Express Entry Program is a point-based scoring online system that evaluates the eligibility of the candidates based on factors like age, education, experience and adaptability, etc.

A minimum of 67 scores is required to apply for the Federal Express Entry System Program; a minimum of 67 scores is required.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada hold regular draws to select applicants based on their CRS score. PNP is also one of the best immigration programs which offer PR visas with limited requirements.

Other options to get a job in Canada

There are multiple options to get a job in Canada from India.

Two ways to apply for jobs are:

  1. The candidates applying for PR Visa through Express Entry Program can create a job bank account to find jobs.
  2. Candidates can promote themselves to the employers of Canada, which will help them get a job in Canada.
Job Bank Account

Creating a job bank account can help you find a job easily. It is an online tool that is very useful because Canadian employers can hire you if your skills match their requirements.

Steps to create Job Bank Account:

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of the job bank and go to the job match sign-in page.
  2. Sign up on the job bank.
  3. Create the account with all the required information by following all the instructions.

It is important to have your Express Entry profile number and job validation codes before creating the Job bank account. It is the easiest pathway to get a job in Canada from India.

Promote yourself to the Canadian Employers

A job seeker can promote themselves to the Canadian employer through multiple ways and receive a valid job offer.

Some of the effective ways are:

Top-notch Resume – A resume is a very crucial document to achieve any job because it is the only document to tell about your skills at the beginning. The stronger your resume is, the more chances of receiving the job offer, so to get a job in Canada from India, you should prepare your resume according to the Canadian standard.

Connect with job consultants – Many job consultancies in Canada can help you get a job in Canada from India according to your skills and job profile.

Job Vacancies in Canadian Newspaper – Many Canadian employers post jobs vacancies in the newspaper, so it can be useful to go through the Canadian newspaper if you are looking for a job in Canada.

How can Canada PR increase your chances to get a job in Canada from India?

Most Canadian employers prefer candidates who have already achieved Canada PR. Hence, candidates looking for a job in Canada should initially apply for a Canada PR first and then start searching for a job.

Get assistance from a Reliable Immigration firm to apply for a PR Visa.

The process of immigration to Canada is not that easy and hence requires someone to guide in that situation. Sernexuss is a leading immigration consultant in Delhi who is helping people worldwide achieve Canada PR and manage all the complicated paperwork for them. They assist with job and study visas and also provide complimentary IELTS classes.

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