Willing to apply for the Canada Immigration process but are confused about how to start? Sernexuss will offer you easy to user Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculator helps you to know your score that would be assigned to a unique immigration profile in the Federal Express Entry pool.  

Currently, the most famous pathway for Canada Skilled immigration as a permanent residency status is Federal Express Entry System. For the overseas skilled workers, Express Entry is the application management system for three important Canada immigration programs for overseas skilled workers

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

To begin with, the prior most step is to create a profile in the Express Entry pool. Every two weeks, the immigration department invites applicants conducting draws. The higher ranked Candidates receive an invitation to apply (ITA) to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The average processing time for Canada immigration ranges from 4 months to 1 year depending upon profile to profile and case to case.

The Canadian immigration government uses the CRS Tool also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System to rank applicants in the Express Entry pool based on factors such as work experience, education and language, English language proficiency and other factors. Those applicants who have scored the highest immigration points in the pool at the time of a draw will receive an ITA and can move forward with their Canada visa application.

The Canada CRS Points calculator is the first step to begin your Canadian immigration process as a skilled overseas worker. It is mandatory to know that the calculator will give you a basic idea of your scores and how your profile ranked in the Express Entry profile pool but there are always ways to improve your score even while in the pool. The increase in your IELTS bands, work experience or getting a job offer letter from Canada, can have a dramatic impact on the CRS score you can claim!

If you want to learn more about the Canada Skilled Immigration process, visit our Express Entry CRS calculator

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