Friday , March 31 2023

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joly strengthens bilateral relationship with India’s Minister of External Affairs

Mélanie Joly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, and Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the Minister of External Affairs of India recently met each other on February 6th, in New Delhi for the Canada-India Strategic Dialogue. Almost after a decade since the Canada-India’s strategic Dialogue was held, the meet up confirms to the persisting, close bond between India and Canada and also our prolonged cooperation on shared foreign policy priorities.


The Ministers of both the countries discussed about the boosting the economic partnership between India and Canada, strengthening security cooperation, encouraging immigration and mobility between both the countries, and developing our strong people-to-people connection.

Both the Ministers also discussed about advancing Canada-India cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, after the Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy announcement in November. Both Canada and India share a general view for a free and open Indo-Pacific, secured in our shared values of pluralism, democracy, and the rule of law.

The Ministers also reciprocated their views on priorities for the G20, which is going to be held by India this year. Both the countries will work jointly together to accomplish progressive outcomes in the G20 inclusive of focused areas like economic development, women-led development, and green transitions.

Looking forward, Minister Jaishankar and Minister Joly, will carry on to work towards developing the Canada-India Partnership for Security and Development as a part of widening and developing the cooperation between both the governments on a range of the shared priorities this year.

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