Sernexuss Management and Services Pvt. Ltd. Is an Insightful immigration consultancy committed to providing unbeaten legal visa assistance to students, skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and families. The lucidity and authenticity of our consultancy are what make us different from all other consultancies and gain the trust of our clients.

Sernexuss is an awardee of the International Excellence Award for the best Immigration and Study Visa Consultancy in India. Sernexuss provides several immigration services spanning from Permanent Residence Visa, Visitor Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa, etc. We also provide career counseling sessions and settlement solutions globally from our top counseling experts that mark us as the best immigration firm in Delhi. We are a one-stop destination for all your immigration queries to immigrate across the world.

Immigration is a dream that millions of people wish to complete to live their desired life. The immigrant aspirants always have fear and doubt in their minds about how to start their immigration journey and to whom to concern for their immigration dream. A legal immigration consultancy is what every aspirant wants to go for reliable visa assistance.

Sernexuss is a registered immigration advisor with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Miss Yi Han is our RCIC-certified immigration consultant (RCIC-R511136), she is a specialist in PNPs, Start-up visas, Express Entry Stream, and international student immigration services. She owns a diploma in immigration law and has been practicing it for the last ten years. 

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Sernexuss proffers unexcelled visa assistance for Canada immigration aspirants

Canada’s immigration objectives are to reinforce the economy, reunify families, and support refugees. Canada has always been considered a prominent immigration destination for all the immigration aspirants, and skilled workers from across the globe. Canada has everything that an individual can desire to have in their life, beautiful weather, scenery, world-class education, multiple job opportunities, a stable economy, low unemployment, high-paid income, social security, and universal healthcare.

Immigrants are an important aspect of Canada’s rapidly growing economy as Canada has a growing aging population and a low-birth rate making it decide to welcome more and more skilled candidates each year to Canada to continue the development of the country. 

Canada welcomes more than 400,000 immigrants each year, and the Government of Canada has an intention of welcoming more than this every coming year. Canada is also one of the best countries regarding immigration policies making it an immigration destination.

Every year, the federal department of immigration of Canada, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announce a new Immigration Levels Plan. 

Sernexuss is a specialist in providing the best visa assistance for Canada PR. Canada PR is a kind of visa through which a candidate gets all the rights of a Canadian citizen (excluding voting rights) but can still be a citizen of their native country. A person with a Canada PR can live, work, study, and travel anywhere in Canada, they can also enjoy the universal healthcare of the country. 

If you also dream of immigrating to Canada, Australia, or any desired country of your choice you can trust Sernexuss for your visa assistance and can receive a 100% successful and positive result. As Sernexuss has a team of very professional and experienced staff, it has a combined experience of over 16 years, we also provide complimentary IELTS classes to our clients to help them in their immigration journey.

Contact Sernexuss if you wish to immigrate to your desired country and change your lifestyle.

By Sernexuss

Sernexuss Management and Services is one of the top Immigration Consultants in Delhi. Visa Consultants at Sernexuss are amongst the most knowledgeable Immigration Consultants for Canada in Delhi. Sernexuss provides Immigration Consultancy services ranging from PR Visa, Study Visa, Visitor Visa, and Business Visa. Sernexuss is rated very highly amongst its peers for Immigration Consultants in Canada. Based in Delhi, Sernexuss has a huge number of people who have Immigrated to Canada. Contact us for Free IELTS preparation classes, Job Assistance, and unique post-landing Services at +91 7999994848, 011-45502586.