Australia PR step-by-step process makes it easier for immigrants to apply for permanent residency in 2022. Immigrants from all over the world wish to settle, find a job, or study in Australia. Australia is one of the most renowned immigration destinations.

Australia PR

Australia Permanent residency or Australia PR is a kind of visa that allows immigrants to move to Australia and settle, study, or work anywhere in Australia through the score-based immigration system.

Australia PR offers uncountable benefits to an individual and it also grants the right to apply for Australian citizenship after staying in Australia for 3 years as a PR holder.

Benefits of Australia PR Visa

  • Live anywhere in Australia
  • Study anywhere in Australia
  • Move anywhere in Australia
  • Family Sponsorship for a PR
  • The candidate can travel to New Zealand
  • Candidates can apply for the Government jobs
  • Australian Citizenship (after fulfilling the required requirements)
  • Medical Insurance

How to apply for the Australia PR from India?

To apply for the Australia PR from India, the candidate needs to follow the Australia PR step-by-step process to apply in 2022:

Eligibility Check– Before applying for the Australia PR visa, the candidate should always check the eligibility criteria required for the visa. And to be an eligible candidate for the Australia PR visa, the occupation of the candidate should be listed under the skilled occupation list.

Language Proficiency Result- Secondly, the candidate should have completed their English language proficiency test.

Skill Assessment Report- The candidate should obtain their education and professional report and get it evaluated on ‘Skill Select’.

Register Expression of Interest- It is a compulsory step in the Australia PR process. The candidate has to register an EOI (Expression of Interest) on Skill Select portal to prove to Australian authorities that you are interested to immigrate to Australia.

Invitation to Apply- In this step, the candidate has to wait to receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply). The candidate with the highest expression of interest ranking receives an ITA.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for the Australia PR Visa

The candidate needs to fulfill the following eligibility criteria to apply for an Australia PR visa:

Age– The candidate should be below the age of 45 while applying for the visa.

Skill Assessment- The applicant needs to get their skill evaluated by the immigration authorities.

Proficiency in the English Language- The candidate should be proficient or should at least have a competent level of ability in the English language.

PR Points- The candidate should score a minimum of 65 points under Australia’s PR point grid.

Nominated Occupation- It is a major need for the candidate to have their skill nominated under the skilled occupation list.

Character assessment- It is a compulsion for the candidate to provide their character certificate to prove that they do not have any past criminal history.

Health assessment- The health assessment document is a must to submit to prove that the candidate is healthy to immigrate to the nation.

Required Documents to Apply for Australia PR

The list of the generally required documents to apply for an Australian PR visa is as follows:

  • Application Form
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment
  • Recent Passport size photograph
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

What is the processing time for Australia PR?

The processing time of the application depends on the type of application, correct documents, etc.

Australia’s Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189 visa) takes a processing time of around 8 to 9 months.

Australia’s Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) takes a processing time of around 6 to 8 months.

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